• Outdoor TV Enclosure

    Outdoor TV Enclosure

    The best Outdoor TV Enclosure for outside use are dust proof waterproof and build-in the automatic cooling systems and the anti-reflective screen, also can be operated at temperatures between -20 °C and +50 °C.

    Outdoor TV Enlcosure are manufacturers of specialist IP65 rated waterproof & weatherproof TV enclosure. China Outdoor TV case is designed with stylish outdoor tv shield, waterproof cables and connections, 5mm toughened glass and an anti glare film and reflective coating for high viability outside, the outdoor TV case is available in several sizes: 32",42",46", 55", 65".

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  • Outdoor TV Cabinet

    Outdoor TV Cabinet

    outdoor TV cabinet protective outdoor TV and digital signage cabinet that was researched, designed, engineered and manufactured in china.

    The weatherproof, secure design is built with a combination of steel which is outside powder-coated for the strength and durability in outdoor environment TV protection. Designed and Developed for outdoor areas, supports faster to install and easy maintain than any TV cabinet.

    The included internal full motion and articulating mount with height adjustment allows for TVs as well as easy access to the back of the display.

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  • Outdoor Projector Enclosure

    Outdoor Projector Enclosure

    Installation for outdoor projector enclosureis very simple, put your projector inside the enclosure and lock the door.

    Kinytech designs and develops all kinds of waterproof projector box. The projector cords with the waterproof real cover, then all cables run out of the box. Diy projector enclosure, build the weatherproof projector enclosure easy.

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  • All Weatherproof +

    The outdoor tv box double seal system keeps water, dirt, and bugs out, and keeps your TV safe. Rated IP56
  • Easy Installation +

    The outdoor tv case is designed for the convenience mounting,true Plug & Play install. As easy as wall-mounting a flat
  • Thermostatically Cooling +

    Very hot, high temperature,No, but it’s cool, quiet, the outdoor tv cabinet temperature control system will adjust the fans speed
  • Strong and safe +

    Two Locks to allow locking to prevent theft and tampering. Outdoor tv cabinet providing the ultimate in protection for a
  • Universal Mount +

    Universal outdoor TV mount cabinets for outdoor tvs,the mount factory - Universal Fully adjustable TV Wall mount fixed or Tilting (from
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Where to buy.

outdoor projector box
Contact us to find locator stores near you that offer kinytech's products from Ebay, Amazon, USA, UK, Germany, Australia, Sweden, Italy, Spain, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Poland, Netherland, Japan, Romania, the Czech Republic, Russia ....

More Products.

  • Outdoor Projector Enclosure
  • Sunlight Readable LCD
  • Cut LCD
  • Industrial Monitor
outdoor projector enclosure

Thermostatically Controlled

Fan cooled projector enclosures, available in indoor and outdoor types.

outdoor projector case

Key Lock System

The outdoor projector enclosure is secured with the high strength key locks systems.

The projector box are specifically designed to to protect your projector from weather and thieves in outdoor environments, with the filter and cool air to keep your projector working for long time. Protect projectors  for -20°to 50° outdoor applications, sealed and weatherproof steel construction ensure to easily access projector.
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Sunlight readable LCD with very high brightness ,Long Life time, Low Power Consumption , Very High Brightness LED Backlights, which can be viewed in daylight and other bright light condition. The brightness from 500 nits to 3000 nits, the sunlight readable lcds are ideal for use in direct sunlight and high ambient light conditions.

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sunlight readable lcd

LCD Kits or Modules

Which includes the high brightness lcd panel, A/D board, inverter board,wires, light sensor...etc

sunlight readable lcd 

Sunlight Readable Monitor

Which includes the sunlight readable lcd kits and metal housing, optional functions such as waterproof...

stretched lcd

Resize & Cut

The Stretched Bar LCD is cut from 3.5" to 65", ultrwide wide 16:3

stretched lcd


Low Power Consumption, sunlight readable and optical Bonding.

The Stretched LCD and Monitors are specially cut offering a super wide display format which offers an innovative and fresh approach to grab the public's attention. These stretched format display products, also known as BAR displays, are available in a variety of sizes and aspect ratios, with sunlight readable options, open frame models, making them an ideal solution for digital signage, gaming applications.
sunlight readable monitor

Good quality

Leading industrial LCD monitor supplier, meaning you are guaranteed when purchasing from us.

sunlight readable monitor

Multi inputs

USB and RS232 touch screen inputs, DVI and VGA video inputs.

The industrial Monitor isdesigned for environments such as high temperature, shock and vibration. We also offer an extensive functions of NEMA and IP rated rugged LCD displays as well as industrial monitors and rackmount LCD monitors. Our industrial LCD monitors support wide temperatures and high brightness for the harshest environment and demanding critical application.