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About Kinytech, Suppliers & Distributors. Manufacture for TV Project enclosure, Industrial Display,Outdoor TV and Outdoor LCD Display.

Factory Gallery

Kinytech is focusing on R & D and manufacturing of outdoor waterproof LCD & Monitor rugged products, with superior independently design and R &D ability in hardware and software. KINYTECH has regarded quality and honesty as the basis of its development, and products innovation, technological precedence as our source of power, so as to pursue sustainable development to increase the enterprise competitive strength. To this end, we have spared no effort to invest continuously in production equipment, employee benefits and training, working environment, etc.

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Quality System

We are convinced that quality terms from design and production. Therefore, we tend to pay lots attention at the begging of the drawing.Additionally to the entire style coming up with, we tend to conjointly do improvement proposal activities for production, and perpetually improve the standard management and production capabilities. Kinytech continuously specialist in the standard with full review before delivery and believe that solely the superior quality will service and keep the long-run cooperative relationship with the purchasers. It is syn-chronic to ensure the price down and reduce quality issue.


We value our business each and every day, and put our hearts into every aspect of our company. It’s great to know that KINYTECH has developed its reputation for quality and for standing behind our products.

The certificate of conformity is based on an evaluation of a sample of the product. Technical report and documentation are at the applicant's disposal. This is to certify that the tested sample is in conformity with all revision of CE,FCC,Rohs, IP ratings,in its latest amended version,referred to the Low Voltage Directive.

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Suppliers & Distributors

For East Asia, Southeast Asia, Australia trade and export enquiries or to find your local KINYTECH products supplier, distributor or installer please telephone 00 (86) 898 033 05 or email us.

We are expanding our LCD & TV distribution network and are looking to work with LCD & TV importers, suppliers, installers and distributors in all countries. If you are a company that is currently selling, renting please contact us.

We will offer product training, sales leads & marketing support for our unique range of sunlight readable lcd, all weather, daylight readable TV which are suitable for outdoor & outside entertainment, signage & advertising displays.


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