kinytech's rugged industrial monitor and computer are utilized in a large form of applications from the manufacturing. our customers are giant & little and embody original instrumentation makers, marine, military, governments and worldwide. kinytech makes a specialize of high performance military monitor, marine & industrial monitor, rugged & reliable computer systems & peripherals.


Marine LCD monitor

marine lcd display

Marine LCD monitors or displays required the withstand extreme conditions, such as waterproof, sunlight-readable high bright, and deep-dimming backlights, making them fully functional displays for all lighting conditions and marine uses. Our marine  all weatherproof monitor & computer products are built to provide maximum protection from dirty, wet and hostile operating environments.

The waterproof marine LCD monitor and display are designed specifically to withstand use in harsh marine environments. As a leading manufacture of marine displays, kinytech has worldwide brand recognition in the marine industries. Our rugged marine LCD displays are engineered to handle extreme weather, sunlight and different temperature conditions. Our displays are sealed and built to stringent IP65 & IP67 standards.

We have three types marine lcd display

A. VESA Mount (Embedded Mount) Marine LCD Monitor

B. Panel Mount (Flush Mount) LCD Monitor 

C. All-Weather IP65 Marine / Military LCD Monitor

Stretched LCD

stretched lcdThe Stretched Bar LCD size range is from 12" to 66". All of bar lcd kits is built-in the long life time LED Back lights, we also can supply the high brightness, optical bonding and waterproof functions.  Ultra stretched LCD panels wide format as 16:3, 16:4.5 or any rate, it is usually used for digital signage and public transport also is suitable for panoramic content view or applications in public area like Bus&Train or Retail, POS, POP.  

The resize LCD is cut from the normal LCD glass and improve the circuit boards to a new size. It was thought impossible to preserve the original performance of a previously manufactured LCD once the glass circuits are cut.

The stretched lcd kit include the ultra wide bar lcd panel, A/D board(vga+hdmi), led backlight dirving board and wire, check below link get the full range information.
Sunlight Readable LCD

Sunlight readable LCD is ideal for use in direct sunlight and high ambient light conditions, we used high brightness led backlighting to achieve brightness, and while both achieve excellent image clarity, the backlights is vivid, bright LCD display with low power consumption and without increased heat. With the brightness from 1000 ~ 3000nits , our sunlight readable LCD products outperform commercially available non-enhanced LCD and after-market enhanced products that washout in high light conditions.

We can offer the panel range is from 4.6" to 82" sunlight readable lcd kit which include the very high brightness panel,led driving board, A/d board and wires. If you required, we also can supply the universal compatible and customizable functions,  optical bonding (VBOND), wide range of video inputs, waterproof IP65 enclosures, open frame monitor,touch screen and so on.

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Outdoor LCD Display

outdoor lcd displayOutdoor LCD display, outdoor digital signage, outdoor totem which is designed for the advertising market build-in the waterproof systems and sunlight readable lcds. Outdoor LCD screens feature the brightest outdoor LCDs in the world and an advanced, energy efficient design. We offer the full-range selection of outdoor digital signage displays are available in 42", 46", 55", 65" and 70" screen sizes. Download all size outdoor LCD display datasheet: Outdoor LCD display (wall mount landscape)Outdoor LCD display (Floor standing)

If you aready have the TV or sunlight readable monitor, but you want to install it outside, try to choose our outdoor lcd enclosure.

Military Computer

Kinytech has all vary of rugged military computerthat area unit upgradeable and totally purposeful mobile computers. These area unit on the market in numerous digital display monitor sizes. The monitor screen is impact-resistant for defense against unfriendly environments. it's conjointly a multi-slot and multi-drive bay style to spice up its potency and performance.

rugged military computer could be a style of computer that is specifically designed to work in harsh environmental conditions like robust vibrations, extreme temperatures and wet or dust-covered conditions. It options a compact style for quality functions.Today, it's being used by virtually each business as well as construction, military, distribution, retail, healthcare, sales, service and warehouse, among several others. A reliable rugged military computer offers many blessings.Aside from simple installation and usage, it's conjointly a flexible system which will be used for multiple functions.

rugged and military computer for your application, Kinytech Company offers the proper answer. These line of merchandise area unit space-efficient nevertheless have powerful performance that area unit ideal for numerous industrial applications. See our choice of military rugged computers below.

These area unit ideal solutions if you're longing for an influence and growth capability of a computer in a very military package. Here, you’ll have growth slots for future upgrades, high finish processors for sleek performance, large fastened and removable storage, and vivid integrated LCDs at intervals one package. On the opposite hand, we tend to conjointly offer a made-to-order military computer for your specific necessities. decision North American nation these days for a lot of data concerning our merchandise or discussa customised style.

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