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outdoor lcd displayOutdoor LCD display, outdoor digital signage, weatherproof outdoor lcd totem which is designed for the advertising market build-in the waterproof systems and sunlight readable lcds. Outdoor LCD screens feature the brightest outdoor LCDs in the world and an advanced, energy efficient design. We offer the full-range selection of outdoor digital signage displays are available in 42", 46", 55", 65" and 70" screen sizes. Download all size outdoor LCD display datasheet: Outdoor LCD display (wall mount landscape)Outdoor LCD display (Floor standing)

If you aready have the TV or sunlight readable monitor, but you want to install it outside, try to choose our outdoor lcd display enclosure.

outdoor digital signage

All weather outdoor digital signages, waterproof, high contrast, high brightness,the image shows more clear, the color is more saturated,improved image layer greatly, better show details. Outdoor digital signage technology is the most effective promotional medium for rich, dynamic content display in outdoor environments. Similar to the Indoor LCD, the Outdoor series is custom-built for long-life outdoor use. Using the same easy to install scalable format as the outdoor tickers, it can be put together panel by panel to fit any shape desired. Outdoor lcd display will make your location a visual landmark for the public audience. The displays are easy to install and even easier to control and manage.

  • Weatherproof,suitable for all weather conditions
  • Advertising activities, sales of advertising time
  • Stimulation of products and services sales 
  • Sunlight readable, Ultra High Bright
  • Dust, shock, safety anti-glare glass
  • Heating, cooling system integrated
  • 24 hours a day,7 days a week,min 50,000 hours
  • outdoor digital signage high brightness
  • outdoor digital signage sunlight readable
  • outdoor digital signage waterproof
  • outdoor digital signage
  • outdoor lcd display floorstanding
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Outdoor lcd display in wall mounted landscape type

Model size IP Class Brightness Resolution Dimension (cm) Weight (kg) Datasheet
OD-42L 42" IP65 500~2500nits 1920x1080 98x57x12 35 PDF
OD-46L 46" IP65 500~2500nits 1920x1080 103x66x15 42 PDF
OD-55L 55" IP65 500~2500nits 1920x1080 123x82x15 62 PDF
OD-65L 65" IP65 500~2500nits 1920x1080 158x96x15 78 PDF

Outdoor digital signage in floor standing portrait type

Model Size IP Class Brightness Resolution Dimension (cm) Weight (kg) Datasheet
OD-42F 42" IP65 500~2500nits 1920x1080 185x70x20 125 PDF
OD-46F 46" IP65 500~2500nits 1920x1080 195X76X20 136 PDF
OD-55F 55" IP65 500~2500nits 1920x1080 195x84x15 155 PDF
OD-65F 65" IP65 500~2500nits 1920x1080 195x95x15 175 PDF
OD-70F 70" IP65 500~2500nits 1920x1080 230x105x20 205 PDF

Outdoor LCD Video Wall

Model Size IP Class Brightness Resolution Dimension (cm) Weight (kg) Datasheet
OD-46- 2x2 46 2x2 IP65 500~2500nits 1920x1080 250x235x40 160 PDF
  • Note1: Operating Temperature: -20°~+50°
  • Note2: For full specifications & pictures & prices - Contact Us Now!

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