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why choose kinytech outdoor lcd display?

The last mass medium remains the primary channel for delivering direct outdoor lcd display advertising to consumers as one of the outdoor. Disrupting outdoor advertising signage, no barging in, makes sure that the advanced instrumentation and insight campaigns are effective and accountable. High-profile, medium-sized outdoor advertising offers unparalleled scale. We know that the right campaign in the right place will provide an interest and engagement that cannot be achieved through other more targeted channels.


Kinytech, in using business intelligence, insight and proprietary know how to develop impactful, focused and measurable outdoor digital signage campaigns. That is why the Kinytech media has the largest share of outdoor spending in China and our media consistently market share.

outdoor lcd TV

I would like to order one sample outdoor lcd TV with following specifikations:

- mirror feature

- 220 V power supply

- Digital TV---DVB-T for europe (antenna)

What would be the price for outdoor tv one sample? we would like to sell outdoor LCD screen also. Do you have enclosure for ~46” LCD screen, outdoor use?Could you make us an offer for 1-3 pieces, including shipping to Europe?

o   Rain & snow protection

o   Dust protection

o   Direct sunlight

o   Temperatures from -35°C to +35°C



outdoor TV enclosure Europe Finland

Could you make us an offer for 1-3 pieces 55inch outdoor TV enclosure , including shipping to North-Europe, Finland.What are the costs for smaller quantities (1-5PCS)? If the shipping costs are under Hi,Can you make an offer for 5PCS + shipping to Finland. 46” preferred.

May i know have you found the outdoor tv enclosure?  If you have not found it, we can arrange the production together because we have customer give us the bulk order.

We have our own Digital Signage  platform for indoor use only. Now we would like to sell outdoor LCD screen also.

Do you have enclosure for ~46” LCD screen, outdoor use?

o   Rain & snow protection

o   Dust protection

o   Direct sunlight

o   Temperatures from -35°C to +35°C


outdoor TV in USA

My name in Andy I'm the director her at CDK Solutions in USA. We are currently looking for a partner to deliver a new range of bathroom/ outdoor TV's to our customers and wondered if you could help us.

We will need the TV's the be as a normal 'bathroom TV would be, IP66 or greater, able to be fitted on a versa brack on in a back box and also we would want the option to be able to have these tv's outdoors. We would want to achieve this by having an optional watertight enclosure box supplied with the TV's in order to allow this


need waterproof digital signage enclosure

We have a 65” Open Frame Outdoor Digital Display but we are requiring a waterproof enclosure. Is this something you could provide and if so:

How much would it be,

How long would it take for delivery,

Do you have any images of it


Kunt u mij een prijslijst toesturen?

Het gaat om 42” 47” en 55”, waterdicht.

Indien u de mogelijkheid heb om 60-65 inch te leveren, wil ik daar ook graag een prijs van krijgen.

Dit alles voor ons project in een wasstraat.

waterproof sunlight readable LCD screen

Could you please send me a catalog and pricelist of your waterproof sunlight readable LCD screens? We would be interesting in using it for boat marin monitor navigation units.

I am PCF multimedia, a small company in northern Italy and our business is digital signage and multimedia products for the end customer.We found your company from Alibaba's online directory and we are interested in your products waterproof lcd tv,waterproof lcd monitor with sunlight readable functions.Can you send your price list, MOQ, warranty condition and shipping cost. We need also to know if you can trade with our Country(Italy) and if your product meet strict European Standard. 

waterproof tv reseller

Do you sell a waterproof tv in Canada (Quebec), if, yes do you have a reseller in Canada?Would you please provide us with your price & sample catalogue (data) sheet for Waterproof LCD/LED TV Enclosure with TV size 65”. Also please provide us with your nearest distributor to Saudi Arabia.I look forward to hearing from you.

I need a waterproof bathroom TV for a client.

I either need the WT-22A , WT-26A, or WT-32A depending on the dimensions.  It looks like you can recess these TVs into the wall with a back box.  Is that the case?  Can you provide the dimensions for the back boxes for each of these TVs?

I am a reseller of TVs in the US, and would sign up to purchase direct, or through a local distributor if necessary. 

We are looking at installing +-20 Televisions in our plant for visual management purposes.

What are the operating temperatures of the screens (Considering they will more than likely not be turned off)

and the prices for the 50” or greater? Do you distribute to South Africa?

Waterproof TV enclosure price

How much is the waterproof enclosure 55" OE55L model ?Can you also give me a price on the 42" model to please.I am looking for 4 x 32” TV enclosures for Samsung LED TVs. These need to be delivered to Durban South Africa

We are interested in purchasing Waterproof LCD & Plasma Enclosure.The size that we are using  is 27-36".Product regularly and bought in 2012 bought about 15 units away. 

Please quote us your best price & delivery date. Can i order a tv enclosure to be used by our waterproof55" if so how much and how long to ship usa

need outdoor digital kiosk

we need outdoor lcd kiosk for tourism business .we want use  this product  in Kish island .Kish is tourism city .

they are tourism kiosk for sale attraction ticket and information tourism.

kiosks should be had touch monitor , bank cart reader , windows system (win7 or win8),and printer for ticket printing.

these outdoor kiosks are tour guide and tour operator system that sale tourism product, please send me katalog and price list,size 30~60".

Replay: please check our website outdoor lcd display products get more details.



Waterproof TV display

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