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Kinytech manufactures a range of enclosures, including outdoor projector enclosure, outdoor TV enclosure which is very popular on the market. Projector is suitable to many applications and places, such as the conference room, restaurants,classrooms, the bars or small areas and public squares for large activities, watched by thousands of people. As the images displayed is very clear and large by projector,and no Picture distortion. In a word, the projector could be located in anywhere(outdoors or indoors) most of time without hardware protection. 

What happens if the projector is not well protected?

Weather Protection

You have invested several thousands dollars in your outdoor projector for commercial using. If the projector or other medias together are not protected from the weather, like raining days, the water will get into the hardware which will cause a circuit board short circuit or ultimately failed.


If you have paid thousands of dollars to your outdoor projector and found it stolen, what would happen? This is not covered by any insurance plans. So this is obviously a loss of investment.

Unapproved  Access

With science and technology development, the projector becomes functional, it can access computer, USB disk or other medias. If there are some non disclosure secret information, you will must well protect your computer and USB disk. As the result of this kind of unauthorized access action is very serious and immeasurable.

Heating and cooling

If the projector under the direct sunshine, it will become very hot suddenly, then stop working. 

Therefore, if you have a weatherproof projector enclosure to protect it, all above can avoid it. Kinytech Outdoor Projector Enclosure is a suitable solution. If you want to know more about Kinytech projector enclosure, please feel free to speak to Kinytech sales team for your requirements.

Do you want to DIY a weatherproof outdoor projector?

Do you want a weatherproof outdoor projector? If so, you may want to increase its lifespan with the help of outdoor projector enclosures. It's fun to enjoy a game or sports movie on the projector in the backyard. You may have many questions related to rain, overheating and other things. We will know more The DIY route First of all, it is not a good idea to place your project in a wooden or steel box. Some design features protect the device from the elements, in addition to preventing damage, theft or environmental risks so that you can see the image. You can choose to fix the device on a temporary basis, but you can have the flexibility to delete the project whenever you want. For this, you need a stable base. So, you need a weatherproof outdoor enclosure. 

Things to look for 

You may want to look for a cabinet that has a safe, sturdy and robust steel case. The box should have security locks, weatherproof protection and a viewing window that should be vandal-proof. Make sure the cabinet offers protection against snowfall, rain, dust, dirt and a wind storm. It may be tempting to reduce the cost and customize the product. One option may be to choose a cheap product from an auction website. You can choose a wood or plastic product, but this has many advantages. Nothing can be as strong as metal. Therefore, it is a good idea to look for the best product. 

Other things to consider 

In addition to the projector's body, you have many things to consider. For example, a protective housing unit is a good addition to your projector as well as the basic parts. The important thing is that the replacement cost of these components is quite high. Also, it will be a few days before the order is delivered. One of the common problems with projectors is overheating, which can reduce the life of your device. If you want to install the unit in a warm environment, be sure to place an air conditioning unit as well. With a cabinet, your device will not be in danger even if it is installed in humid weather. 

Another thing

You may want to consider is the filtration of air circulation through fans and filters. It does not cost much to replace the filters since they can be used again and again after washing. Also, the filter prevents dust from entering the body of the projector. You will be surprised to learn how small insects can enter the projector through cracks. So, you need a way to prevent these little creatures from entering your device. 

To summarize, if you have a weatherproof projector that you want to use outdoors, we suggest you look for a high-quality projector cabinet. In this way, you can rest assured that your projector will be safe even if it starts to rain or snow outside. Hopefully, these tips will help you buy the best venue according to your needs. 

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Protective Projector Enclosure Maximize Life Span for Your Projector

Protective Projector Enclosure Maximize Life Span for Your Projector

To protect your projector with a indoor/outdoor projector enclosure, you will extend the usage life of the projector and obviously reduce your maintenance costs. All weatherproof and environmental projector enclosure is designed to protect the projector from rain, dust, humidity, smoke, heat and cold. Our projector enclosures come with thermostatically cooling for overheating and cold, if the temperature is less than 30C, it will stop working to protect your projector. Therefore, it can prolong bulb life and reduce risks of other electronic component. 

Kinytech also can make a custom projector enclosure as your specific requirements. We have provided many projector enclosures for outdoor, indoor,residential and other environments using. Let's discuss your needs.




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