Sunlight Readable Display

sunlight readable display

Sunlight readable lcd display & sunlight readable lcd monitor. Kinytech super store for Sunlight Readable LCD display, high brightness LCD monitor, Outdoor Monitor, Daylight Viewable LCD and High Brightness Rackmount monitor. We have the widest selection from monitor 3.5" to 82" LCD and the most competitive prices on Transflective and Optical bonding LCD allow you to view and operate your system under the outdoor, daylight and harsh environments. Also you can find a wide variety of items such as a sunlight, sunlight readable LCD, High brightness LCD, Daylight viewable LCD, Sun Light LCD kits.

We have three types standard sunlight readable lcd display:

  • Sunlight readable LCD kits (Open frame monitor)
  • High brightness LCD monitor (Metal housing)
  • Transflective LCD Monitor (Metal housing)

If you need the waterproof IP65, outside use and with the cooling system, please choose our outdoor lcd display directly.

  • high brightness lcd kit
  • high brightness lcd
  • sunlight readable kit
  • sunlight readable lcd model
  • sunlight readable lcd
  • sunlight readable panel

Sunlight Readable LCD Kits

sunlight readable lcd

Sunlight readable LCD kits is ideal for use in direct sunlight and high bright light conditions, we used high brightness led backlighting to achieve brightness, and while both achieve excellent image clarity, the backlights is vivid, bright LCD display with low power consumption and without increased heat. With the brightness from 1000 ~ 3000nits , our sunlight readable LCD products outperform commercially available non-enhanced LCD and after-market enhanced products that washout in high light conditions.

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High Brightness LCD Monitor

High brightness LCD Monitor which includes the customized high bright lcd backlighting, high brightness lcd panel, A/D board and metal housing, this is the complete metal housing monitor, used for variety of industrial, commercial and specialized applications like kiosks, arcade gaming systems, ATMs, simulators, industrial test equipment etc. All controls are at the rear of the monitor. These industrial grade high brightness LCD displays can be mounted with the help of any VESA mount/compatible arm, mount or stand.

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Transflective LCD monitor

Transflective LCD is one types of the sunlight readable LCDs. The transflective LCD monitor is the LCD which reflects and transmits light ,kinytech is one of the few manufacturers that have addressed the LCD can reflect the sunlight with transflective technology, normally only associated with outside LCDs. Transflective LCD Monitor is the perfect monitor for your low power battery monitor & computer systems, it is viewable in direct sunlight.Transflective LCD monitor solutions come in various formats such as: LCD kit, open frame...

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