Sunlight readable LCD is ideal for use in direct sunlight and high ambient light conditions, we used high brightness led backlighting to achieve brightness, and while both achieve excellent image clarity, the backlights is vivid, bright LCD display with low power consumption and without increased heat. With the brightness from 1000 ~ 3000nits , our sunlight readable LCD products outperform commercially available non-enhanced LCD and after-market enhanced products that washout in high light conditions.

We can offer the panel range is from 4.6" to 82" sunlight readable lcd kit which include the very high brightness panel,led driving board, A/d board and wires. If you required, we also can supply the universal compatible and customizable functions,  optical bonding (VBOND), wide range of video inputs, waterproof IP65 enclosures, open frame monitor,touch screen and so on.

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