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Kinytech's main products

Kinytech's Products
Specialization in the waterproof and sunlight readable lcd products


  • Outdoor tv enclosure
    Weatherproof enclosure to protect the TV or Display.
  • Sunlight readable lcd
    High brightness lcd panel, A/D board, led driving board.
  • Industiry monitor
    Complete monitor with the optional function as waterproof..etc
outdoor tv
  • Outdoor TV & display
    Waterproof,high brightness,anti-reflective tv display.
  • Stretched bar lcd kit
    The ultra wide resize panel, A/D board, led driving board.
  • Regular size lcd
    The standard size panel with the touchscreen used for pad or monitors.


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IP Ratings

The IP (Ingress Protection) standard is is a European classification system under direction of CENELEC (European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization) and defined in international standard IEC 60529. It describes of degrees of protection provided by an enclosure of electrical equipment. The rating system consists of the letters IP followed by two numbers.

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