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Blog for outdoor TV enclosure, weatherproof TV enclosure the range from is 32" to 65". We also can produce the any size according your requirements outdoor tv enclosure tv mount weatherproof outdoor tv case and outside tv covers 

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Waterproof TV enclosure

waterproof tv enclosureThe waterproof TV enclosure can fulfill all your waterproof needs. Whether your home TV is geared for entertainment or for commercial purposes, brings 

The waterproof TV enclosure are your solution for dynamic digital signs and entertainment displays. If you've ever dreamed of mounting a TV outside, or of bringing your waterproof advertising displays to the next level, now you can.

Our certified NEMA waterproof TV enclosure  offer the ultimate standard in environmental protection for sensitive LCDs. Combine your waterproof LCD TV enclosure with a dedicated wall mount, ceiling mount, TV floor stand, or truss pole mounting assembly.

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Model Size Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm) Window Height (mm) Window Width (mm)
OE-42 42" 761 1127 132.8 536 970
OE-47 47" 835 1300 132.2 591 1046
OE-52 52" 936 1351 132.8 706 1191
OE-55 55" 980 1430 132.5 730 1258
OE-60 60" 1050 1530 132.4 807 1370

outdoor tv shield review

outdoor tv shiled review,outdoor tv case pictures all weather weatherproof tv enclosure testing pictures, video show.  

Transparent customer reviews for outdoor tv shield. That's the great alternative to spending big bucks on an outdoor TV enclosure, enjoy your life. The TV Shield Case Cabinet Screen review for 42" size.  Click it See outdoor tv case pictures. 

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