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Blog for outdoor TV enclosure, weatherproof TV enclosure the range from is 32" to 65". We also can produce the any size according your requirements outdoor tv enclosure tv mount weatherproof outdoor tv case and outside tv covers 

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Why need the Outdoor TV Enclosure for your home TV?

The Kinytech outdoor TV enclosures are designed and developed for outside areas, used for most kinds of TVs. The indoor TVs like Plasma, HD screens and LCD screens or display, it's ideal for residential and industrial. You can easily put the TV into the enclosure, effortlessly access to the show at once.

If you have a backyard with a common home TV, then the outdoor TV enclosures can be really helpful to ensure the safety of your TV. If you have a garden, or a outdoor bar, again you need to make full use of these enclosures. well, the outdoor TV enclosure is with security locks so that you do not need to worry about that the TV will be stolen. It stays at your barkyard safely.

If you want to put a TV in the outdoor pools, the Outdoor TV Enclosures are best suited to protect the TV. As the enlcosure is waterproof, it is rated at IP 55 (ip65 is avaliable) which provides complete protection for TV from all water / rain directions, no need to not worry about the water will damage the TVs. You can spare the water getting splattered on the TV. This is accomplished by tightly sealing systems and connections in the design, orienting and protecting ventilation. The system protects from corrosion due to rain, humidity, condensation, dew, and the moisture from inside & outside but it is also allow the airflow for cooling and sound out.

So the critical advantage is that you can rescue your TV from the weather condition and the theft. You can keep the TV perform as long as the manufacturers promised. And then, you do not need to keep spending money on the new TVs which is actually costly. With a outdoor TV enclosure, you can stay away from the above worries when you have taken advantage of the outdoor TV enclosure.

Outdoor TV protection, while enjoying watching it outdoor

Watching your TV sitting outside is fun. Protecting your TV or LED from sun, dust, water and other weather hazards become necessary when you decide to watch your TV outside. You invest a lot in your LED and you cannot be careless when it comes to protecting it. There are different weather hazard associated when you watch your TV in open outside your room. Kinytech is a leading manufacturer of the enclosure for TV, projector, and computer. If you are looking for a durable solution for protecting your TV against environmental hazards we are here with the right solution for you.

If you ever dreamed of watching your TV outside we suggest you use outdoor TV enclosure in order to protect your TV. Our strong and durable TV enclosure is protective and easy to use. The operation is easy and you need not worry about reflection as our enclosures are made from an anti-reflective screen. You will find that your TV watching experience won’t change a bit even after you keep your TV inside our outdoor TV enclosure. 

We can produce outdoor tv protection enclosure for any size ranging between 32” to 65” making easy for you to choose your requirement. Our all-time weather proof enclosure will protect your TVs and LEDs against rain, sun, dust, and other pollutants. You can find it easy to operate this enclosure and mount your LED easily to the wall outside. Our products are made from steel that is power-coated from outside to make it strong and durable. You can buy our enclosures with a minimal budget. We guarantee you that you will not regret buying these cabinets and enclosures from us. The enclosures can operate in extreme conditions ranging from -20 to 60C. no wonder they are named weatherproof protection enclosure as they can easily beat any extremities they encounter from the environment.

Digital signage cabinet and outdoor TV cabinet was initially researched and manufactured in China. This has been designed and developed for outside areas. The cabinet is made of steel with exterior power-coat making it durable. This cabinet is faster to install and much easier than another cabinet for handling. The budget for this cabinet fits well within your pocket. You need not worry about adjusting TV inside this cabinet. It comes with an articulating mount that allows the adjustment of the height in the cabinet. The use of the cabinet becomes easy because of its design and the TV adjustment has been made easy with already present mount inside. Whenever you feel like enjoying your favorite show in the sun outside you can feel free to do so. 

Kinytech brings you all kinds of TV enclosure, TV cabinets, weatherproof TV enclosure that is durable, portable and operational easily. The price for any of this products is well within your limit. The protective units are made from good raw materials making it durable. Enjoy your holiday watching your best team win the game right on your lawn with family members around you.

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