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Why not bring your indoor TV outside and outside? The first reason, I think, is security. Outdoor TVs are designed for outdoor use, and that's why. Indoor TVs have ventilation holes in the housing so heat generated through the electronics inside can escape before causing significant damage to the electronic circuits.

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When placed outdoors, these essential vents provide an easy passage for moisture, insects, dust and grime. Going into these aspects of the TV will cause a brief electrical circuit to the electronic device, and more terrifyingly, it could lead to a fatal electrocution for you or your loved one. The potentially lethal combination of moisture, electronics and high power cannot be underestimated.

What if I put tape on the holes of the TV to prevent the penetration of moisture, insects, dust and dirt? You can, but it's a really bad concept! If you close the indoor TV's vents, the TV will instantly self-destruct from the higher internally captured heat generated by its electronics. This heat problem is even compounded by the fact that nearly all indoor TVs are black these days, as black absorbs much more heat than other colors. High temperatures can quickly lead to premature use of electronic circuit boards. The first problem you'll notice when you drag your TV outside is the complete lack of volume. When watching TV outdoors, you need more sound. What matters is the efficient use of home-made outdoor speaker bars that greatly amplify audio power. The bigger the TV, the more audio you'll need as it will be located in a larger venue and viewed from a greater distance.

Obviously, the two most important components of watching TV indoors or outdoors are audio and video. Movie theaters knew this a long time ago. The KINYTECH TV with external speaker bars is the clear winner in each of these categories. Outdoors, the rapid daily temperature swings from hot to cold to cold are several times higher than in your home. These rapid fluctuations in temperature can create air-filled moisture that can lead to corrosion around the circuits inside the TV. To sustain these rapid temperature swings, and the overall extreme conditions outdoors, you should have heavily conformal coated circuits. Considering that indoor TVs simply don't experience any problems associated with these diseases, they weren't developed for this, as it adds a lot of cost to a conformally coated circuit board that indoor TVs don't need.

If you've ever tried watching TV in a sunny space, you'll realize how bright sunlight can affect your viewing experience. Most indoor TV screens really don't have a really good anti-glare display coating that can improve your outdoor viewing knowledge. Indoor TV enclosures are made of composite resins that are ideal for their application. When an indoor TV is placed outside, its exposure to UV rays increases dramatically. During the injection molding process, titanium dioxide is added to the composite resin to prevent future deterioration due to UV light. Titanium dioxide is indeed a very expensive ingredient in cake mixes for injection molding resins. So, for obvious economic motives, indoor TV enclosures that were intended to be placed indoors are "barely" free of titanium dioxide.

Before you choose to place it outside, make sure you read the warranty terms in your standard TV. You will find that your warranty will be void. Don't let hungry commission salespeople tell you differently. If you've been told the warranty might be honored, ask them to put that dedication into the creation. In-room TV remotes are not waterproof, or may not be waterproof for obvious good reasons. Whether you need a soap opera wash or prime-time cleaning, these guides can be used to install a waterproof TV in the bathroom. I'll address this first: I've always had a hard time understanding the appeal of bathroom TVs. Compared to the kitchen, which is often the center of family life, or the study where the family and guests gather, the bathroom seems to me like a private sanctuary, as well as a haven from the outside world (for now, at least) . But let's say you do want to put a TV in the bathtub.

Use an outdoor display. All of our refurbished Kinytech outdoor TVs are tested and fully serviced and come with a full 1 year warranty. We can supply used screens but with new metal casings on your request and at low prices. As external screens, monitors and screens enter everyday life, that life cycle must end in one way or another. That means selling new stock to replace or upgrade the exterior weatherproof screen. So what happens to these front display units? Quite simply, as the manufacturer Kinytech has a knack for bringing them back to life.

They were sent back to our workshop environment to make the exterior screens look like new. We inspect the inside of the outer casing for any long-term damage and test all the way down to the component level. Any repairs that require attention are done there, followed by a 48-hour test. If parts are needed, we just replace them. This of course includes fan heating and cooling systems.
We then re-seal the waterproof screens using a special premium material to ensure they are completely weatherproof. This is a technique because making an outdoor screen completely weatherproof is no mean feat, after all it has to withstand all the UK and global weather. After the drying process is complete, the external display is mounted in the external area between the wall elements and hose tested. This is a high-pressure water pipe test where water is sprayed directly onto the front, sides, back and underside of the tempered glass. If the waterproof outdoor TV is satisfied, the outer screen will be boxed. We manufacture the packaging and all necessary extra parts will be replaced to end up with a fully weatherproof outdoor screen that will look like new.

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