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Buy cheap waterproof outdoor TV enclosure from reseller

We often receive similar inquiries about outdoor TV or outdoor waterproof TV case. We can provide retail, because we are a manufacturing factory, we can give you the lowest price, if you have any questions, you can feel free to contact us.

 outdoor TV cabinet

We are a US company and would like to inquire about the availability and price of weatherproof TV cabinet. Do you have distributors in the US? We would like to know the prices for the following models: OT-55 55" Outdoor Weatherproof TV", OE-65 "Outdoor TV Enclosure". Quantity: 10pcs.

I am a UK company and we sell special TVs for bathrooms, kitchens and other interesting products. We have a reseller program in Europe and also work with designers and builders. For us, fun street TV (weatherproof). (22, 32, 42, 46, 52, 55, 65, 82 inches). Send us the terms of cooperation with you. I need all technical details, production terms, photo gallery​​, technical details manual.

Do you sell waterproof TVs in Canada, and if so, do you have a dealer in Canada? Could you please provide us the price and sample catalog (data) sheet for 65 inch TV size waterproof LCD/LED TV case? .Please also provide us with the nearest distributor to Saudi Arabia. I look forward to hearing from you. I need a waterproof bathroom TV for a client.
Please find the attachment to our Weatherproof TV Price List. You can compare prices. We can also provide waterproof/outdoor TVs in special sizes according to your requirements.

We are currently looking for a partner to provide our customers with a new range of bathroom/outdoor TVs and would like to know if you can help us. We need the TVs to be the same as regular bathroom TVs, IP66 or higher, able to mount on a versa bracket in the back box, and we also want the option to place these TVs outdoors. We hope to do this with the optional waterproof case that comes with the TV.

Depending on the size, I need OT-43. It looks like you can use the back box to embed these TVs into the wall. is that so? Can you provide the back box dimensions for these TVs?

I'm a TV dealer in the US and I'll sign up to buy direct or through a local dealer if necessary. We are considering installing +-20 TVs in our factory for visual management.
We have a 65" open frame outdoor digital display enclosure, but we need a waterproof case. Is this what you can offer? If yes: how much? How long will the delivery take? do you have an image of it? Can you give me a price list? It involves 42", 47" and 55" waterproof TV cases. I would also like to receive a price if you have the option to supply 60-65 inches.

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