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How to choose the outdoor TV enclosure?

Kinytech is a premier manufacturer of direct outdoor LCD TV enclosures to consumers. Prevents vandalism of outdoor TVs and ensures advanced instrumentation and insight campaigns are effective and responsible. Kinytech uses business intelligence, insight and know-how to develop impactful, targeted and measurable outdoor waterproof TV enclosures. That's why we have the largest share of outdoor TV enclosure spending.

 waterproof TV Case

Very important points to pay attention to when choosing an outdoor TV enclosure.

  • Housing: Galvanized steel
  • Glass: 3mm ar laminated glass (galvanized glass)
  • IP rating ip55 waterproof
  • Anti-glare treatment (reflectivity <2%), anti-ultraviolet (99.99%), anti-sunlight (52%)
  • Cooling system
  • Outdoor paint, anti-ultraviolet protection

How to choose high brightness indoor TV for outdoor use, protect with outdoor TV case.

With the gradual reopening of the COVID-19 lock down, people can start participating in more and more outdoor activities, and outdoor TV entertainment is becoming more popular as a form of home entertainment or outdoor relaxation. But most TVs are not designed for outdoor use. Those designed for outdoor use tend to be very expensive and don't perform very well.

Another option is to buy an indoor TV and install it in a TV enclosure to protect it from the effects and avoid putting yourself at risk. A few indoor TVs for outdoor use have been reviewed recently, and since none of the TVs in this review are designed for outdoor use, you have to be extra careful if you decide to use them outdoors. When choosing a TV of this type, it's important to make sure it has excellent reflection handling to minimize glare, and that it's bright enough to be visible in bright sunlight. It should also have wide viewing angles, as outdoor patios are often larger than living rooms.

    durable material
    Sealed vents and speaker grilles
    Seal seams, screw holes
    Atmospheric corrosion port compartment
    Built-in temperature management

Indoor TVs are made of plastic, rely on passive airflow for cooling, and have no protection against humidity, temperature changes, or other hazards. In fact, just sitting in direct sunlight for a few minutes can push a normal TV beyond safe operating temperature. It's not just a TV that needs to be built for the weather. The remote must also be waterproof and dustproof - the TV's Terrace TV has an IP56 rating!

Outdoor TVs, on the other hand, use an all-metal casing, rust-resistant powder coating, and impact-resistant glass on the display. Active heating and cooling — built-in cooling fans, or even small heaters, to be exact — are used to keep the interior cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Every seam, screw hole and crevice on the outside of the TV is glued, caulked or grommets and filters to keep unwanted material out. Then there's the issue of the sun. Outdoor TV cabinet have to compete with the power of the sun, and they use anti-glare paint, specialized filters, above-average screen brightness and even automatic picture adjustments to match the automatic picture adjustments when the sun goes down.

Other accessories also have a weatherproof finish. The soundbar features a woofer and tweeter, is resistant to temperature changes, and is sealed against moisture. The TV unit uses anodized paint and industrial strength paint to prevent rust and corrosion.

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