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Low price lcd enclosure

We have developed an lower price lcd enclosure for local market. The LCD enclosure has been developed through valuable input from mental health facilities to design and build a unit that protects patients from self harm. The low price LCD enclosure is also a preferred design for industrial and food processing facilities with wash down areas.

The low price LCD enclosures prevent tampering, theft, or damage to LCD and computer equipment in hospitals and medical centers. The low price is a preferred design of hospitals looking for an anti-ligature or non loop solution for mental health wards. An LCD or plasma television cannot be openly mounted in a psychiatric and mental health unit, since the patient needs to be protected from self harm and an openly mounted TV could facilitate self harm. The low price enclosure is mounted flush against a wall.

LCD enclosure are a cost effective way to protect LCD displays in outdoor or harsh locations. They guard against theft, vandalism, water, dust, and harsh temperatures. These enclosures are available in a range of sizes from 17 inches up to 70 inches and even larger if needed. LCD enclosures are an easy, flexible, and affordable way to install outdoor digital signage and can even help add style to your installation if the design is right - such as the attractive low price LCD enclosure.Low price LCD enclosures is no longer just for the home. LCD TV screens are now commonly used for advertising, marketing, security and many other purposes as part of the emerging digital advertising and industry. Outdoor digital signage is part of this fast growing new advertising niche. Digital signage is the implementation of flat panel LCD screens where there is a high concentration of foot traffic or a captive audience that increases exposure to the advertising piece.

Locations for outdoor digital signage can vary greatly. They are utilized in restaurants, stores, transportation center such as airports and subways, in shopping malls, prep schools, universities and many other locations where providing up-to-date information, entertainment, and creative advertising is beneficial for capturing an audience. Using displays in outdoor locations does come with some challenges. The extreme cold and heat, combined with accidental or intentional damage can destroy an outdoor TV.

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