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Outdoor & Indoor TV Shield

The TV Shield is protection for your LCD LED PLASMA & Flat Screen TV in any indoor or outside environment. The TV Shield is designed to protect your TV or flat panel display, while also being style conscious and providing an additional deterrent and/or protection against theft and damage, indoors or outdoors.

This Water, Dust and Tamper Proof TV Cover for LCD, LED, PLASMA TV's is an enclosure that offers protection for TV’s from 19 Inches to 42 Inches. The TV Shield is the ultimate protection for your TV and includes an industry leading 1/4 Inch thick optically clear front panel that provides a clear view of your TV or flat panel display when closed, and when in the open position will give you a direct view of your TV.
The TV Shield is engineered to be weather resistant, light, durable, secure and affordable. Manufactured using a HMWPE High Molecular-Weight Polyethylene plastic case (the same plastic used in outside slides) and a 1/4 Inch thick shatter resistant front panel manufactured from LEXAN optically clear polycarbonate (the same material as bullet proof glass) for superior strength and rigidity.

BENEFITS of The TV Shield:
WATER/WEATHER RESISTANT - Use any Television outside (why spend 4k+ for a waterproof TV) The entire unit is sealed and engineered to be water resistant.
SECURE - 2 keyed and chambered locks protect from theft/vandalism and tampering. Front panel secured to case with security rivets to prevent removal.
LIGHT WEIGHT - Our units weigh 40-85% less than our competition and are made of light weight but highly durable and long lasting outside plastics. Our largest unit weighs 32lbs our smallest unit weighs 15lbs
STYLISH - Designed to meet even the most demanding tastes. Custom orders/design combinations by special request.
AFFORDABLE - 40 to 85% less than our competition and much cheaper to ship.
VERSATILE - Sizes for everything from a 19 inch TV/flat panel display to a 65 inch

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