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Outdoor LCD display VS Outdoor Televisions

Generally, outdoor LCD displays have more functions than outdoor TVs, such as anti-reflection glass all-weather sunlight readable, bringing good visual and auditory enjoyment for outdoor information exchange. It is more designed for outdoor use, with excellent outdoor protection performance of IP65, strong steel structure and special tempered AR glass.

 outdoor TV CaseIf you are buying an outdoor TV, for the sake of safety, we recommend that you give up some standard functions, such as basic TV functions, because you still need to connect the wires, you can use the wireless network completely. How to extend our time on the patio with an outdoor version of a home theater. Now is the time to think about how to get all the shows, movies and other content we enjoy outdoors. It's not just about the hardware. We live in a world where seamless wireless streaming entertainment is becoming the norm. Music, photos, games, videos, voice, messages - it's all there, we can expect it anytime, anywhere.

These outdoor TVs are LCD TVs that are completely weatherproof. Our outdoor TVs are LCD and fully weatherproof TVs. These outdoor TVs are rainproof, outdoor backyard stuff, super bright outdoor flat screen TVs. All weather outdoor LCD TVs, sunlight readable displays, kinytech is a professional outdoor TV social security manufacturer, selling sunlight readable high brightness LCD TVs , Daylight-viewable LCD TVs and high-brightness outdoor LCD monitors. Protects against attacks, dirt, insects, scratches and extreme temperature ranges

Kinytech Outdoor Weather Resistant LCD TVs; Our Outdoor LED LCD TVs are good enough for the world's leading manufacturer of specialty mobile vehicles, and that's certainly good enough. Global Outdoor Concepts Outdoor TVs, Waterproof LCD TVs, Waterproof TVs are 100% Weatherproof LCD television. Our outdoor TVs are immune to rain, snow and heat. Watch the best hunting, fishing, sports shooting, off-road and adventure programming on your TV. Take your TV outdoors. Free shipping on our outdoor TVs.

Someone was looking for some brainstorming on producing outdoor TV weatherproof cabinets for TVs. The size of the TV may change, but for now, I'm choosing to focus on the cabinets themselves and weather protection. I'm thinking of generating some kind of simple enclosure to hold the LCD and a stand where you can simply pull the TV closer to your various stands. What I'm trying to figure out is the best way to preserve without the cost of rain and humidity.

To replace expensive outdoor TV and outdoor monitors, our company is designing an outdoor TV cabinet. One concept I've been throwing around is putting the TV absolutely inside the enclosure, so if rain seeps out, then the metal will protect it. I would install some type of door for your front, again protect it with metal, and use some joinery to put the two pieces of metal together to keep water out of the door. Any ideas to get it done, or what others have done from previous fences? I make outdoor monitor enclosures that are over 75 inches and you can mount it on a wall or even in a corner.

While you say you can lining the case with metal, you'd have to use screw seams, you do need some way to keep the case at a certain temperature, the LCD will create warmth, and you'll need to cancel a couple of those. Also on cold days you need to keep the inside of the enclosure at a higher temperature than the outside air If you don't maintain a higher temperature you will always have some air leaks and condensation. So if you create an enclosure, I would add a seal that is definitely flexible and may compress after you close the front door in the enclosure. I'm going to use anti-glare glass for your front. The fronts of many LCD TVs are anti-glare. I'll cover the anti-glare glass, so if there's any light from the case, you won't be able to see it. Also, you'll need to provide cable outlets (AC, cable, and any receiver cables you need). Use kinytech to produce outdoor TV cabinet waterproof. Assemble the back with a ventilated room and drainage if desired. The glare screen front is a great concept. You can simply line the inside of the plywood and assemble the box by gluing it on using liquid nails or something similar. Then use waterproof caulk to seal the corners and seams inside. That would be your best bet so it gives a clean, complete look.

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