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 Some one is looking for some brainstorming about producing an outdoor TV weather proof cabinet for a Tv. The dimension from the Tv is subject to change, but for currently, I choose to focus on the cabinet itself and climate proofing it. I was thinking of generating some sort of uncomplicated enclosure to place the LCD and also a mount (the variety of mount that you simply can pull the Tv closer to you) within.

What I am attempting to figure out would be the greatest approach to retain the within no cost of rain and moisture.

An concept I was throwing all around will be to place plastic absolutely inside the enclosure, so if it seeped by way of the wood, then the plastic would guard it.

I would have some type of door for your front, once more protected by plastic, and a few kind of connection device to place the two pieces of plastic together to prevent acquiring water insdie by the door.

What are some ideas to accomplish or what has another person accomplished from the previous for their enclosures? I would almost certainly have no in excess of a 25 inch lcd, and it can be mounted on a wall or perhaps even a corner.

I obtaining ready to make a single myself. I'll more than likely use sheet metal or aluminum sheet and weld the seams.

While you stated you might line the enclosure with plastic, but you'll have to glue the seams unless you may find out a way mold a plastic enclosure within the wood enclosure....did you say you needed the outdoors to become wood?

You seriously will need someway to keep the enclosure at a specific temperature, the LCD will create warmth and also you need to do away with several of it. Also on cold days you will need to maintain the inside of the enclosure at a temperature warmer then the outside are going to always have some air seepage and condensation will occur in the event you do not sustain the warmer temperature.

So, in case you create your enclosure, I'd add a seal (gasket) that is certainly pliable and might be compressed after you shut the front door in the enclosure.

When you can see it will not be inexpensive.

I'm going to use a non-glare glass for your front. Many of the LCD TV's have non-glare fronts. I'll mask across the non-glare glass so if the enclosure has any light you won't have the ability to view it.

Also, you'll need to supply for cable egress (AC, cable, and whatever receiver cabling you will need).
use MDO or Azeck to produce the outdoor tv cabinet water resistant. Assemble the back with ventilated room along with a approach to drain if wanted. A glare screen front is a good concept.

I would appear into roofing tar alternatively in the plastic. head to and do some investigation on "window flower boxes." I was viewing an episode some months ago...and also the guy certainly didn't want the wood to soak up the moisture from water the plants during the window box, so he only rolled within the roofing tar (or something simply used to water evidence your roof) within the inside.

Another notion is to use shower board. I personally converted an old treasure chest trunk right into a cooler for my back deck with it. Lowes or HD will carry it, it comes in a big 4x8 foot section, it really is the thin plastic material you use inside your shower. Your could simply just line the inside of the plywood (or what ever you use to produce the exterior) ahead of you assemble the box through the use of liquid nails or a little something like that to glue it on. Then use bathroom caulk to seal the corners and seams inside. That'd be your very best it is white so it can deliver to get a clean, finished look. Hope that assists and allow me understand how it turns out... i am thinking of making a single Outdoor TV Cabinet.

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