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waterproof monitor enclosure

Waterproof monitor enclosure is used protect your LCD monitors in outdoor, wet or harsh industrial environments. Kinytech outdoor tv enclosure is all-in-one digital signage protection solution. Protect your LCD display and digital signage and home tvs from theft, vandalism and damage, particularly in outdoor or harsh industrial environments. Sealed, lockable and secure.

waterproof touch screen enclosure

Kinytech is the Leadingwaterproof computer enclosure manufacturers in china,  have already discovered that the waterproof touch screen is the ideal space saving . The waterproof touch screen enclosure is perfect in clean room or wash down environments. Sealed to NEMA 4X, ip 65. 

where to buy weatherproof TV?

We are the audio company in Hong Kong and want to inquire about the supply and price of Weatherproof TV.Do you have any distributors in Hong Kong?We would like to know the price of the following model FOBHK:OT-55 55 "Outdoor Weatherproof TV",OE-55H 55 "Outdoor TV Enclosure".QTY:1~2 can also provide panel branding, data.

Waterproof TV enclosure price

How much is the waterproof enclosure 55" OE55L model ?Can you also give me a price on the 42" model to please.I am looking for 4 x 32” TV enclosures for Samsung LED TVs. These need to be delivered to Durban South Africa?

waterproof lcd enclosure

Like to get the waterproof enclosure for your LCD monitor? Everything you need is provided by the Kinytech outdoor tv enclosure.  The waterproof lcd enclosure is built by the dustproof and waterproof applications and also designed for use in heavy industry, factory settings and as outdoor environment. 

big size outdoor LCD monitor

We are looking for big size outdoor LCD monitor. According to your website I have found 82" outdoor LCD monitor. What is produced by your company? Can you send me some technical description or brochure of your 82" LCD monitor?

waterproof tv reseller

Do you sell a waterproof tv in Canada (Quebec), if, yes do you have a reseller in Canada?Would you please provide us with your price & sample catalogue (data) sheet for Waterproof LCD/LED TV Enclosure with TV size 65”. Also please provide us with your nearest distributor to Saudi Arabia.I look forward to hearing from you.

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