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Cheap waterproof digital signage enclosure

We have a 65” Open Frame Outdoor Digital Display enclosure but we are requiring a waterproof enclosure. Is this something you could provide and if so:

How much would it be?How long would it take for delivery?Do you have any images of it?

outdoor TV enclosure Europe Finland

Could you make us an offer for 1-3 pieces 55inch outdoor TV enclosure , including shipping to North-Europe, Finland. What are the costs for smaller quantities (1-5PCS)?

Hi,Can you make an offer for 5PCS + shipping to Finland. 46” preferred.

why choose kinytech outdoor lcd display?

 The last mass medium remains the primary channel for delivering direct outdoor lcd display advertising to consumers as one of the outdoor. Disrupting outdoor advertising signage, no barging in, makes sure that the advanced instrumentation and insight campaigns are effective and accountable. High-profile, medium-sized outdoor advertising offers unparalleled scale.

outdoor TV in USA

My name is Andy. I'm the director her at CDK Solutions in USA. We are currently looking for a partner to deliver a new range of bathroom/ outdoor TV's to our customers and wondered if you could help us.

outdoor lcd TV

I would like to order one sample outdoor lcd TV with following specifications:

- mirror feature

- 220 V power supply

- Digital TV---DVB-T for europe (antenna)

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