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TV Enclosure solutions for outdoor digital signage

Kinytech is one of the World's leading manufacturers of waterproof LCD enclosure range, these outdoor digital signage enclosures provide waterproof and vandal proof protection to outdoor TV's. Our range of display enclosures are supply throughout the world through our various distribution centers strategically placed.

 outdoor TV box

The TV enclosure range are designed for the digital signage market, however our units also offer Industrial protection to IP65 for factory information system protection and not forgetting the outdoor home TV market.

Kinytech all range of TV enclosure are supplied to the following companies as we are tier one suppliers to these world leading manufacturers including, Honda, Ford Motor Company,  Pilkington Glass, so you can trust us with your outdoor TV enclosure requirement. We have a vast distribution channel, so we can cover the US and Australia from the US offices with the UK office covering Europe and Asia. Digital signage protection. We also offer a range of indoor digital poster solutions too.As the demand for outdoor digital signage increases, due to the constant reduction in prices of LCD displays, so does the requirement for protecting the investment, now there are no limits where digital billboards can be placed.

From Passenger information displays to corporate ads - there is a solution. LCD enclosure for outdoor home use.When home owners decide to install a TV in their garden so that the whole family can watch their favorite shows, some type of protection is needed from the hostile weather and potential physical hazards. This is where an outdoor TV box can pay for itself in a very short time and at the same time protecting the money invested into purchasing the TV screen.

Except for the big-screen and also the lifelike image resolution, you'll find other advantages that a Kinytech Outdoor TV can give. One confident benefit will be the brilliant and crisp image resolution that is close to nothing. televisions from the brand also have anti-glare mechanisms which offer you just about no glare . Not like the prevalent curved screens, the profile of a flat screen LCD television won't catch light from any point of light or direction and will by no means send glare to its spectators.

Usually televisions' mechanism may be compared against a mirror in that it could be exposed to light at certain directions. But modern day televisions which include those manufactured by Kinytech won't reflect light unless a actually powerful supply of light is placed in that distinct direction.

Kinytech outdoor TV does not have the cathode ray tube mechanisms ; what they have may be the flat screen technology. Within a LCD technique, there's a gun-like machine that shoots electrons at a particular speed on the surface in the TV. When an electron hits a surfaces, it glows and brings about a pixel that in turn produces the image.

you'll notice the curved screen on a LCD tv. This really is obligatory because the depth will position the electron shot so there will probably be a projected image. Alternatively, a flat screen TV tends to make use of a distinct supply of light. It polarizes filters and thin layers of liquid crystals. The thin layer is actually thin creating the Kinytech LCD Television unit space-efficient.

But then it is a given truth that a flat screen or a Kinytech outside Television is going to be dearer than a LCD unit. On the other hand , the expanding demand for LCD TVs produced the cost more inexpensive to the consumers. To reach a larger marketplace, suppliers have dropped their rates in such a fashion that customers from diverse social status can afford in purchasing 1 that fits their budget. Moreover, it can be reviewed that patrons can save extra revenue within a flat screen Television simply because Kinytech LCD TVs are produced to consume much less electrical energy. So, shoppers will save some extra cash in terms of their power usage bill.

Another advantage of getting a flat screen television like that created by Kinytech outdoor TV is that it gives brighter and clearer picture resolution. Compared to ordinary televisions, there is a enormous difference within the sharpness and clarity in the images. Film addicts can actually expertise accurate property entertainment with their Kinytech LCD TV.

Outdoor sunlight readable TV application. Working outdoors or in bright environments makes viewing a screen difficult. This issue can be alleviated with special sunlight readable display technology sometimes called transflective, anti-reflective or anti-glare.The systems listed below either include sunlight readable display as standard or it is an available configuration option.

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