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Waterproof touch enclosure outdoor LCD display

Kinytech, a leading manufacturer of waterproof computer cases in China, has found that waterproof touchscreens are ideal for saving space. The waterproof touchscreen enclosure is ideal for cleanroom or washdown environments. Sealed to NEMA 4X, IP 65. We can also provide custom stainless steel housings for food applications.

 outdoor LCD display

Waterproof touch screen display application

    • food manufacturing
    • Pharmaceutical applications
    • medical application
    • laboratory application
    • flush environment

Outdoor LCD display for travel business. Many customers want to install outdoor digital display standard in city bus station, tourist attraction tickets and information, equipped with oil touch display, bank car reader, windows system and printer for printing receipts. Our outdoor display has these functions. At the same time outdoor Optical Bonding and Anti-Reflection Functionality Optical bonding together adds a layer of toughness to the drill glass for greater shock and vibration resistance while eliminating the possibility of condensation or dirt between the drill glass and the alphanumeric display surface. Our high-brightness alphanumeric displays use a blend of optical sweetening technology to improve clarity and clarity when viewed in daylight and direct sunlight:

    Small power junction rectifier rear light
    Optical Bonding of Bit Glass
    High brightness nit rating to 2000 brightness
    Anti-reflective coating

Standard alphanumeric displays are rated at 200-300 nits for indoor use, usually with LED high bright. Getting used to LCD's squared measurements is cumbersome or impossible to view in daylight or direct sunlight. Even close-range lightweights on cloudy days create a habitual alphanumeric display that's cumbersome to navigate. LED square measure many reliably and require less power than  backlights Our high brightness LCD  use junction rectifier LED with a nits (candela per meter) brightness rating of 600 to 1200. This increases the brightness level by a factor of 3 to 10 and greatly improves the readability of the LCD in daylight conditions. Superimposed enhancement of optical bonding and anti-reflection coatings for improved discrimination and clarity in direct sunlight

We recently opened a new outdoor digital signage project that focuses on shop windows, cafes and bistros and we will need sunlight readable displays. With automatic brightness sensing, at the same time, suitable for indoor/outdoor LCD screen, size from 15 inches to 65 inches, we can provide price and parameter table, please feel free to contact us. If you have more requirements, please send us detailed information , I hope we can establish a good cooperative relationship with you. If you need a complete display, currently we can provide up to 100" outdoor LCD display. Completely design, develop and produce by ourselves, please contact us for a technical specification or manual about 100" high brightness outdoor display? Please provide order quantity and requirements.

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