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KINYTECH is a leader in chinese enclosure cabinet production technology, with a strategic blend of comprehensive product lines, exceptional component consistency, and high standards of quality manufacturing. This allows KINYTECH to deliver significant price/performance advantages, while delivering the broadest product line in outdoor and indoor enclosuress.

KINYTECH designs and manufactures cases & chasis products, our employees are over 200 person , including 20 R & D consultants. Whether it is a TV display enclosure, rackmount server case and rackmount case, each cases offer eye pleasing clarity and stunning image quality. We can help your company create a powerful enclosures solution that meets your exact needs, schedule, and budget. Won a great success and a very good reputation of our products has been awarded from our customers.

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R&D Capacity

Our R&D team has over 11 years combined experience of enclosure cabinet products design and support.We have laid a very attention onto the international market from the beginning of our operating.


Our R&D Team

The team use state-of-the-art tools for modelling, design, and simulation which minimize the development time and guarantee high quality and reliability in our products.


Custom Capacity

Except the common the enclosures, lots of products are specially customer customized to be used in industry equipment, testing devices, game players, Telephones, Automotive application, facsimiles...etc.


Production Capacity

KINYTECH expects the new production line to enable a 60% increase in production capacity, 50.000 pcs each month. The development and construction of the facility has been driven by growth in global business markets.

"To further assure that our customers’ needs and expectations are met, we adhere to set standards, quality objectives, continual improvement, and monitoring customer satisfaction."


  • We provide quality products.

    Adopting these measures have provided us with significant reductions in operating cost, and increased demand for our products and services.

  • Bests wishs

    We look forward to working with your organization and providing you unparalleled customer support as well as consistent and exceptional product quality.

  • Our commitment to superior customer service.

    Coupled with our focus on providing the highest quality and the best looking best enclosures on the market ensures the success of our customer's deployments.

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No. 20, Hong Li Road, Miao Bian, Liao Bu, Dong Guan, Guang Dong, China.
Zipcode: 523018
Phone: +86-769-89803305

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Founded in 2010, large capacity, higher quality and cheap reasonable price.