Mining Rig Cases

China Mining Rig Case is very suitable for people who want to build a mining machine. It has a spacious design and is suitable for all types of GPU graphics card settings. Coupled with an optimized airflow system, it can accelerate air convection and cool your machine at any time. Enough space is reserved between each card to make installation easier-making the overall stability more powerful.

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Mining Rig Case

The frame of this miner is made of the highest quality stainless steel and is durable enough to protect your GPU and electronic devices.Chinese manufacturers wholesale mining rig cases at competitive prices and good quality. These mining machine cases are made of 1.5mm thick galvanized sheet, which is resistant to fingerprints and oxidation, ensuring durable and reliable performance. Our mining machine server case is per-installed with fans to achieve better air exchange and cooling.

The standard product line includes 6 GPU mining machine chassis, 8 GPU mining machine chassis and 13 GPU mining machine chassis; we also accept case orders for customized specifications of mining equipment that require a low starting quantity and brand requirements. It is the perfect choice for crypto miners. The professional design enables you to configure your mining platform efficiently and conveniently. The open mining machine chassis is a high-performance GPU mining rig chassis with a solid structure and excellent value for money. Its excellent outdoor design can not only boost your GPU performance, but also provide excellent cooling airflow.

The framework also supports a single power supply and five internal fans to keep everything cool during the long night (or day) mining of cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum! It allows you to connect 12 PCIe (external) graphics cards or 8 in-line PCIe graphics cards at the same time. It supports the latest GPU, up to 3400W power supply, making your configuration as unique as any imagination. We use high-quality aluminum alloy materials to make our mine boxes and test them in a real 24/7 mining environment. It is fully stack able, so you can expand GPU capacity and install it quickly and easily. It will be the perfect device to meet your cryptocurrency mining needs.