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Outdoor LCD Enclosure

All of them designed for commercial use, with the stronger cooling system than the normal outdoor tv enclosure and you can install the high brightness high temperature lcd displays.

outdoor lcd enclosure


  1. Weatherproof Outdoor design,anti-reflective and safety glass in daytime.
  2. Thermostatically controll keeps the display/TV working on right temperatures.
  3. Double Corrosion Protection: Galvanised & Powder Covered Steel body.
  4. Plug & Play design, makes installation quite simple.
  5. Cable pass-through enables you connect everything to the display/TV very easily.
  6. Adjustable internal mount enables you adjust for depth from the display/TV.
Note: The difference from the TV enclosure and LCD enclosure. The TV enclosure only include the landscape type, but the lcd enclosure include the landscape & portrait & Floor standing type. 

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outdoor tv enclosure

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