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Medium outdoor projector enclosure

This medium type waterproof projector box is designed for lprojector dimension less than 465(W)x555(D)x175(H) mm. The weatherproof projector cage provides the water, rain and impact protection for your projector.

Quick Specs Overview:

  • Maximum Projector dimensions (mm)
    Width (465) x Depth (555) x Height (175)
  • Enclosure Outside dimensions (mm)
    Width (510) x Depth (595) x Height (220)
  • WEIGHT: 10.8 kg

*Please measure the outside of your projector dimensions and compare to the inside dimensions.  

The large size projector box is suit for most bigest size 3LCD,DLP protector on market. The outdoor projector enclosure is a universal box that provides comprehensive water, dust, theft & tamper protection for most residential and commercial projectors. The weatherproof projector box preserve and protect the projector for weather-resistant, lightweight, durable, secure and affordable. The outdoor projector box is secured with Key locks systems which prevent theft, tampering and vandalism of your television.

  • Universal design VESA mount
  • Waterproof,sealed to defend projector against moisture intrusion and water damage
  • Thermostatically controlled fan cool system
  • Protective front panel props open easily to access your projector
  • High strength key lock system to protect your investment
  • Waterproof paint housing manufactured with outdoor anti-UV power coating
  • Lightweight and easy to install

Full features of the projector box:

1.Adjustable Universal Mount
The adjustable universal motion mount is designed for top and bottom mount. This is the ideal mount for indoor or outdoor common projector mount system.
Universal Design, VESA Hole 150x150, M5*10mm stainless waterproof screws.   

2. Fan Cooling System
The projector fan cooling system is built to continually filter bring hot air out of the enclosure and also put the cool air in the projector box.  The cooling fans and blowers provide cooling solutions to your system thermal problems.The fan power is controlled by the thermostatic system which turns the fan on at 25 degrees to ensure that the outdoor projector case stays at the proper temperature.   

3. Safety & Cleaner
The outdoor projector enclosure front panel is made of ultra-clear safety tempered glass. We feel that optimal viewing of the projector should be very important to you. Very merely this cleaner and polish kit helps keep the screen scratch free, smudge free and optically clear. Talk to your projector's directions for optimum cleanup of your projector screen.

*** Download the outdoor projector enclosure datasheet.

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