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What happens if the projector is not well protected?

If you have paid thousands of dollars to your outdoor projector and found it stolen, what would happen? This is not covered by any insurance plans. So this is obviously a loss of investment.

With science and technology development, the projector becomes functional, it can access computer, USB disk or other medias. If there are some non disclosure secret information, you will must well protect your computer and USB disk. As the result of this kind of unauthorized access action is very serious and immeasurable.

Weather Protection,You have invested several thousands dollars in your outdoor projector for commercial using. If the projector or other medias together are not protected from the weather, like raining days, the water will get into the hardware which will cause a circuit board short circuit or ultimately failed.

Heating and cooling,If the projector under the direct sunshine, it will become very hot suddenly, then stop working. 

Therefore, if you have a weatherproof projector enclosure to protect it, all above can avoid it. Kinytech Outdoor Projector Enclosure is a suitable solution. If you want to know more about Kinytech projector enclosure, please feel free to speak to Kinytech sales team for your requirements.

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