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Rackmount Chassis

No.1 China Cheap Rack mount Server Case are available in a comprehensive range from 1U to 4U rack mount type. Our rack mount chassis are manufactured by the high quality materials, produced from 1.2mm SECC steel they offer outstanding strength, rigidity and performance whilst their design ensures a lightweight product range at very competitive prices.

Kinytech provides solutions from 1U to 5U rack mount server chassis, supporting multiple motherboard specifications, such as ATX, MicroATX, Mini-ITX, PICGM 1.0 / 1.3 full-size / half-size SBC, etc. All Kinytech PC rack-mount case are designed to work in conjunction with our full range of drive bay converters, power supplies and accessories.

Rackmount Case

We provide the widest range of high-quality 19″ rack mount case. Our expertise is in the rapid production and customization of various server chassis. This is the first choice for military, heavy industry, and server room professionals. We have a variety of rack computer cases, all of which have various necessary and useful functions. The chassis is designed with a different number of rack mount case, each PC rack mount case equals 1 3/4 inches. They offer a standard 19-inch width rack mount server case. Server Chassis manufacturers have carefully designed the chassis to reduce noise while ensuring good heat dissipation performance to ensure that the data room is kept quiet. We can provide optional configurations, including ventilation or exhaust ducts, to help prevent heat accumulation, when you have multiple cooling devices in a small space. The server box has different unit heights, ranging from 1U to 4U, They are generally standard 19 inches wide, but also customized in different sizes. Depending on your requirements, we can provide a variety of colors and materials, such as durable aluminum and steel PC rackmount case.

The advantages of rack server chassis are many, and the use of rack server chassis will also bring you many benefits, including: Space saving: The rack server is placed in a closed cabinet, which may save you a lot of space. Protect the server motherboard: putting the server in a cabinet can prevent dust, pests, climate problems, accidents, etc. Easy to maintain: The wiring of the rack server case is simple and intuitive, and can quickly deal with problems when problems occur or need maintenance.

Kinytech is famous in the design and production of high quality and effective industrial server chassis.

Our rack mount server case product line is complete and testified. It provides the ideal platform for different business size to build their it environment. For more details, please check the page of each model. Due to excellent quality and service, we have been recognized as one of most trustworthy server cases makers around the world. If you are looking for a rack mount server case supplier, you can count on case! Kinytech offers high performance server rack enclosures that offer thermal management. Your source for rugged, military, and industrial technology rack mount server case. Fast delivery from your trusted store online shopping for server chassis, servers, server accessories. These popular models have a solid build and are an excellent value for server cases. Super micro and test are two of the leading rack-mount chassis manufacturers. Our rackmount server case selection offers the great start for technicians to build various server environment across cloud system, computing server and industrial application with enough space, easy arrangement and assembly.

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