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Kinytech designs and develops all kinds of industrial server cases Systems. Our server chassis suit for different kind of industrial control and factory auto mations. Custom solutions are available for different budgets and environments. Custom designs are available to meet the needs of your industry, environment, and project. We provide application specific solutions that can work with your budget for maximum results. Custom solutions are available for all industries, environments, and specific needs. We can design the right display for whatever your commercial requirements.

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Self service terminal solution

With the development of society, the application of self-service terminals has become more and more extensive. And it has been widely used from bank ATMs, advertising machines, queue-calling machines, intelligent charging cabinets, and other self-service terminal devices, not only because of the self-service terminal devices themselves.

Smart Transportation Storage Server Case Solutions

Smart transportation system is the development direction of the future Storage Server Case system. It is a kind of effective integration of advanced information technology, data communication transmission technology, electronic sensing technology, control technology and computer technology into the entire ground traffic management system.

Cloud Storage Solution

With the rapid development of Internet big data, information systems are shifting from computing as the core to data as the core, and mass storage will become a core component of national informatization. At present, the rackmount chassis capacity is increasing at a geometric level, involving not only images and text, but also multimedia information such as voice and video.

Machinery Automation Rackmount Case Solution

Industrial automation and rackmount case technology is constantly changing the way of production and manufacturing. It has an obvious role in improving production safety, improving production efficiency, improving product quality, and reducing energy consumption, and it is an important means of transforming traditional industry to modern industry.

Cloud Computing Hot Swap Chassis Solution

With the rapid development of the Internet, Hot Swap Chassis and cloud computing are widely used, and bring disruptive changes to the development of society. Whether it is public transportation, government services, medical care or urban security, or even the education industry, agricultural production, industrial manufacturing, aerospace science and engineering, etc.,

Cyber Security Server Storage Chassis Solution

With the rapid development of the Internet, data is showing explosive growth at an extraordinary rate. According to statistics from authoritative departments, the total amount of data in China is increasing at an average annual rate of 50%. It is expected to account for 21% of the world by 2020. China is becoming a true data resource country.

Custom server chassis

Custom chassis enclosure design & manufacture are in need of a custom chassis, Server, switch, raid while doesn’t exclusively design and produce chassis for OEM, they're the many dominant size we’ve designed and produced within the last decade.

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