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Cloud Computing Hot Swap Chassis Solution

With the rapid development of the Internet, Hot Swap Chassis and cloud computing are widely used, and bring disruptive changes to the development of society. Whether it is public transportation, government services, medical care or urban security, or even the education industry, agricultural production, industrial manufacturing, aerospace science and engineering, etc.,

 Hot Swap Chassis

plugging in the two wings of big data and cloud computing will usher in a completely different The situation brings more convenience and security to people's lives and work, and adds wisdom to urban development and economic operation.

We keep pace with the times and keep up with the development trend of the Internet. We have developed a variety of server chassis for the field of cloud computing, which are widely used in data centers, cloud rendering, film and television production Hot Swap Chassis and other industries.

We has designed several cloud computing server chassis for one of an animation rendering companies. The product is a standard 1U height. It is equipped with an I7 7700K CPU and has a powerful performance. It uses a passive 1U radiator and multiple cooling fans. It is a perfect solution. The heat dissipation of the 1U high-power CPU server provides strong computing power for the rendering farm.

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