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With the rapid development of Internet big data, information systems are shifting from computing as the core to data as the core, and mass storage will become a core component of national informatization. At present, the rackmount chassis capacity is increasing at a geometric level, involving not only images and text, but also multimedia information such as voice and video.

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Therefore, many departments and units have begun to deploy their own data centers to achieve centralized storage, analysis and sharing of massive data. Especially for the "smart cities" and "safe cities" advocated today, the construction of data centers is becoming more and more urgent. There are a large number of bayonet cameras and high-definition video surveillance probes in the security field. Kinytech has developed a variety of cloud storage server chassis, which provides convenience for the centralized storage and sharing of data.

We newly developed storage server chassis adopts rackmount chassis 6Gbps and 12Gbps hard disk backplanes, with temperature control chip, which can adjust fan speed in real time according to the internal temperature of the server; support time-sharing of hard disks, effectively avoiding the simultaneous startup of multiple hard disks due to the impact of excessive current on the hardware to ensure the stable operation of the server; support hard disk error reporting function, the LED indicator on the hard disk extraction box can accurately indicate the working state of the hard disk, when the hard disk is physically damaged or logically unrecognizable, Indicator light alarm. The chassis supports motherboards of 12 "* 13" and below sizes, supports 1U / 2U / PS2 / redundant power supplies, fan modules are hot-swappable, easy to maintain, tool-free design on the cover, and disassemble easily. The chassis is stylish and high-grade, with a stable structure and strong compatibility. It is widely used in data centers, cloud storage, security monitoring and other industries.

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