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Cyber Security Server Storage Chassis Solution

With the rapid development of the Internet, data is showing explosive growth at an extraordinary rate. According to statistics from authoritative departments, the total amount of data in China is increasing at an average annual rate of 50%. It is expected to account for 21% of the world by 2020. China is becoming a true data resource country.

 Server Storage Chassis

In the era of big data, data content has proliferated, and data security issues have become more and more serious. As we all know, data has become the cornerstone of a new business model, and how to ensure data security is also an important problem that information security vendors have to face. In order to control and protect the security of Internet data, Kinytech has developed a variety of network firewall chassis to provide the safest and most reliable solutions for the majority of users.

Kinytech developed 1U, 2U and other Server Storage Chassis are made of 1.0-1.2mm SGCC and 6mm AL6063 materials. The outer surface of the chassis is high-temperature baked paint, and the front panel is brushed anodized. The appearance is stylish and high-grade. Good heat dissipation effect and super compatibility, widely used in network firewall, gateway, behavior management, VPN, intrusion detection and protection, server load balancing and other fields.

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