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Industrial Rackmount Server Case Solution

With the coming of Industry Rackmount Server Case , the combination of computer information technology and physical systems, manufacturing has entered the era of intelligence.

 Rackmount Server Case

Technology is changing lives. The rapid development of the Rackmount Server Case , and cloud computing has promoted the turning point in industries such as smart home, smart robot, and smart manufacturing.

Relying on the information physical system, developing innovative manufacturing methods has become a problem faced by the majority of automation equipment manufacturers. We adapt to the development of the times, advances with the times, and scientific and technological innovation , Internet of Things, surveying and mapping, machinery automation and other industries.

Our 4U industrial chassis is manufactured with all molds, which effectively reduces production costs and improves product quality. The chassis is made of 1.2-2.0mm SGCC material, and the outer surface is baked with high temperature, which is wear-resistant and does not foam. It can install standard ATX industrial motherboard, industrial backplane CPU long card, and has strong compatibility. The chassis has high-grade appearance, stable structure and good heat dissipation. It is widely used in all walks of life and well satisfied by customers.

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