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With the development of society, the application of self-service terminals has become more and more extensive. And it has been widely used from bank ATMs, advertising machines, queue-calling machines, intelligent charging cabinets, and other self-service terminal devices, not only because of the self-service terminal devices themselves.

 Server Case

The convenient service brought is also an indispensable product of social and economic development. Especially driven by the general trend of "Internet +", self-service terminals have been operated as a carrier and a means of function expansion for the news of the convenience service industry. Service merchants are paying more and more attention. Today, self-service terminals in the financial industry, hospitals, finance, retail, etc. can be seen everywhere, bringing convenience to life and work. We developed smart meal ordering machines, server case , smart charging cabinets, advertising machines and other products which are widely used in airports, subways, shopping malls, hospitals and other places.

The intelligent charging cabinet series products adopt a full welding process, a stable structure, and a stylish appearance. It comes with a t display, integrated WIFI, split screen, industrial control host, video recording, mobile phone quick charging rack mount server and other multi-functions integrated. It has been widely used in subways, airports, stations and other public places. This device can realize fast charging of mobile terminals such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptop computers, which brings convenience to people's lives.

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