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Server Racks

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No.1 Cheap China server racks made by kinytech. The server racks are compatible with all the leading OEMs such as Dell, HP and IBM servers and equipment, and they meet the standards for 19" server rack case. The fully enclosed, secure server cabinets range in size from 18U to 47U floor stand type server racks, and they exceed OEM air flow requirements which works well for large data center installations with a variety of rack equipment. Open frame server racks are an excellent way to optimize cooling and make wiring easy.

These server rack case come in size ranges from 18U to 47U, and they are quick and easy to assemble. Another option is the wall mount server rack, which is for the small office spaces, the portable rack that fits under a desk is an ideal, out-of-the way solution. For the harshest of environments, our unique Transport Case Racks feature tough, watertight outer shells, internal shock isolators and convenient square hole mounting points. Also, our server computer server rack case is conveniently compatible with OEM rail kits.Server Rack Floor standing server rack network cabinet includes 7 capacity types 18U 22U 27U 32U 37U 42U 47U and 4 types depth options 600,800 and 1000mm.

Server rack case is designed specifically to deal with technical equipment including routers, switches, hubs, and in fact , servers. Learn more about our premier data center security solutions with our case studies. Supports the customized solutions. Huge selection of racks & cabinets available now. Low prices, if you have more questions? Please call/chat our team today. We supply the bulk discounts automatically applied at checkout. Server racks are typically getting to be employed by businesses and kept either in data centers or communications closets. Rackmount chassis allow stacking your servers over one another. This configuration allows you to keep multiple servers within the same place, making it easier to perform. Rackmount server rack case is an enclosure with standardized dimensions to suit a server rack. It's geared towards organizations . Samples available for data center rack. Call us now! Immediate availability. The rack makes it possible to securely hold multiple pieces of kit in one area.

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