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Compare Outdoor TV Enclosures

Compare the kinytech brand outdoor tv enclosure with others, such as thetvshield, apollo tv enclosure.

  • From the above datasheet, it is clearly show the kinytech standard type enclosure is much better as the tvshield enclosure, the standard enclosure function is also better(similar) as Apoollo.
  • So let's talk about price directly, please ignor our high-end type enclosure. (The competitors brand does not have these functions, no comparison at all)

How to install outdoor & waterproof TV

1, The best time to install outdoor & waterproof TV
When you built the bathroom, the power lines and TV lines take a good, if you can not determine the location, then contact us in advance, to the time you make sure of how much television, you come to my companies take a percentage of the embedded wall shell with the past, reserve position in the bathroom walls.

IP Ratings of the enclosure

The IP (Ingress Protection) standard is is a European classification system under direction of CENELEC (European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization) and defined in international standard IEC 60529. It describes of degrees of protection provided by an enclosure of electrical equipment. The rating system consists of the letters IP followed by two numbers.

Outdoor TV FAQs

What is your warranty policy?

12 months,A warranty begins when you purchase an item from a dealer, either from a store or online.  All warranties must be handled through the store or company online from whom the item was bought.

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