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How to choose and install waterproof TV & enclosures?

How to choose a waterproof TV? How do I install a TV/Monitor wall mount? When shopping for a waterproof TV, you also need to be aware that some manufacturers don't offer a waterproof remote for using the TV, but you can buy a waterproof bag. If it is set to connect to the TV signal (not wireless network), you also need to consider how to connect the TV signal over

 outdoor TV

The Best Time to Install an Outdoor TV & enclosure

After you have determined the installation location, the power cord and TV cable are in good shape. If you are not sure about the location, please contact us in advance. When you determine how many TVs, you can come to our company to get a percentage of the past embedded wall shells in the bathroom. Reserved space on the wall.

Outdoor waterproof TV installation location to be determined?

The best TV center is 80cm from the ground.
But some friends are different when adjusting the price, what should I do? This corresponds to a sentence: "to put together a piece", we can also use appropriate measures, some users think that watching TV is in several directions, then we use a set of shelves, the shelf swings 180 degrees, rotates 360 degrees, and the elevation angle is depressed. can be transferred.

What should I do if the wall thickness of the installation location is not thick?

Our waterproof LCD TV comes with its own hanger, no need for a thick wall, it can be directly hung on the wall after the shell, beautiful!

How do to install the TV wall mount?

  • To accurately locate the TV/Display installation position on the installation surface, the positioning accuracy must be ensured and the pendant part must be fixed.
  • The general outdoor TV/monitor radiator grille is designed on the back or the side is usually the back, the back and the top and bottom of the side of the TV are about 4 spaces that need ventilation and heat dissipation, and the wall between the TV and the wall should maintain at least 15 cm distance.
  • Since the various interfaces of the TV are basically arranged at the back, all the data cables cannot resist overturning the wall and are easily broken.
  • During installation, care must be taken to move the machine gently, and bedding material should be prepared to prevent scratching the monitor.
  • Follow the step-by-step installation instructions for the rack installation.
  • Screen and speakers, the mounting bracket has connectors to distinguish left and right, front and back.
  • After the monitor is hung, you need to measure the spirit level, adjust the screws so that the display stand is completely in a horizontal position, and the TV/monitor installation machine is less than 1 degree.
  • Determine the numbers you might be prepared to spend on a waterproof TV. Waterproof TVs are available at a variety of costs, depending on brand name, screen size, and options. Figuring out how much you might be prepared to invest will narrow the field.
  • Choose the type of media you really want to operate on this particular machine. The types of media supported by contemporary television are virtually limitless.
  • Measure the area of ​​the bathroom wall where you want your waterproof TV to go. You'll want a waterproof TV to fit effectively in your bathroom. Getting a model that might also matter can make the TV look out of place.
  • Make sure you get the functionality you want. Make a list of the essentials for yourself: size, supportable weight, and value classification. Getting a larger waterproof display is important when you want to watch your TV in a steam room and at longer distances.
  • Check major brands. Waterproof TVs are produced by many electronics brands. Choose a brand that you feel most comfortable with, and one whose after-sales service is more trustworthy and convenient.

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