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How to install outdoor & waterproof TV

1, The best time to install outdoor & waterproof TV
When you built the bathroom, the power lines and TV lines take a good, if you can not determine the location, then contact us in advance, to the time you make sure of how much television, you come to my companies take a percentage of the embedded wall shell with the past, reserve position in the bathroom walls.

This installation method is one of the best way, after you install, is a television, to install the mirror TV, what about on TV is a full account of the mirror can not see anything. Of which is embedded!
2, outdoor & waterproof TV installation location to be determined?
Words: bathtub across from the tub bottom edge of the table 32cm TV for the best.
But some friends in the price adjustment is not the same, how to do? This corresponds to the sentence: "Fighting to the block", we can also use appropriate measures, some users feel like watching TV in several directions, then we use a set of shelves, the shelf 180 degree swing, 360 degree rotation, Yang angle of depression can be transferred.

3, Bathroom wall thickness of not how to do?
Our waterproof LCD TV’s embedded and wall, and directly after the shell can be hung on the wall, beautiful!

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