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How to install the TV/Display wall mounter?

1, The installation of surface and accurate positioning TV/Display mount installation location, location accuracy must be guaranteed, fixed the installation of a hanger part.

2, The average outdoor tvs/display radiator grille design on the back or side is usually the back, the television side of the back and up and down about 4 need a space for ventilation and cooling, wall between the TV and the wall to maintain at least a distance of 15 centimeters.

3, Due to the various interfaces television basically arranged in the back, all data lines can not resist bending over the wall, will be very easy breakage.

4, The installation process must be careful when moving the machine to gently, and should be prepared bedding material to prevent scratching the display.

5, In accordance with the requirements of rack installation instructions, step by step to install.

6, The screen if and speakers, mounting bracket with connectors, to distinguish between left and right, and positive and negative.

7, For connecting speaker wire should pay attention to the positive and negative polarity speaker cable, to prevent the left and right channel sound RP.

8, The display hangs after, needed level of foot measurement, adjustment screw that allows the display rack in a horizontal position completely, TV/display installation of machine less than 1 degree.

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