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Now outdoor TV has become standard in households, with rich content and powerful functions, but it has almost completely lost its social value. Until recently, a friend who had a courtyard asked: Can I buy a TV to install in the backyard? Ordinary home TV products are not suitable for outdoor applications.

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What is the outdoor TV warranty policy?

12 months,A warranty begins when you purchase an item from a dealer, either from a store or online. All warranties must be handled through the store or company online from whom the item was bought.

How do I decide the waterproof TV and outdoor TV?

Outdoor TV extremely popular due both to their elegantly thin designs and waterproof, usually used for bathroom. Outdoor TVs advantages include wide viewing angles, a bright picture that can overcome room lights or daylight and outdoor viewable.

How about delivery, how quick is it?

For a sample,we can deliver to you next day if we have stocks. If you have an order outstanding and need to know when it will arrive exactly please give us a call and we will let you know.

Will moisture or humidity damage the waterproof TVs?

The Outdoor TVs internal circuitry is coated with a special silicone-based solution that prevents internal moisture from shorting out the internal circuitry. TV have CE and ROHS certificates and fit with all EU regulation around using electrical goods in wet zones. We provide a 240V to 12V transformer and the TV itself is only 12v.

What if something goes wrong with my TV what will happen?

Weatherproof TVs come with a standard 12 months warranty. If there is a problem please send the TV back to us (if you are struggling give us a call and we will help) and we will attempt a repair, if we can't fix it we will send you a brand new one.

Outdoor Temperature and humidity

The normal working environment temperature of ordinary TV products is in the range of 5℃-40℃; the normal working environment humidity is in the range of 30%-80%.
If it is indoors, these two needs are easily satisfied, and it covers the comfort boundaries of human perception. If it is outdoors, the environmental conditions may get out of control. Taking our most common LCD TV as an example, the screen color output requires the rotation of liquid crystal molecules to achieve. If the temperature is too low, the flexibility of the liquid molecules will be reduced, so that Affect the normal display effect. If the temperature is too high, it will bring challenges to the heat dissipation of the body, and the possible failures will greatly increase. If the humidity is too low, it will cause static electricity and burden the circuit; if the humidity is too high, it will cause problems in electronic components and materials, and also shorten the life of the TV.

Lighting and Reflection

Ordinary TVs come outdoors and face the threat of sunlight. Even if we arrange the TV in the shadow of the back light, in the case of sufficient sunlight, the diffuse reflection of sunlight by environmental objects will inevitably cause trouble for our viewing. And if it is a professional outdoor TV or display product, the screen brightness is high enough, and the professional outdoor TV brightness reaches 2000nit, then our viewing time will be limited, because at this time our naked eyes are as uncomfortable as being interrogated.
Nowadays, many TVs use metal frames or bases for indoor beauty, and some hard polymer materials are also polished to a metal-like texture, but these designs will form reflected light into the naked eye in h3 light outdoors, which will affect our viewing. . There are many TV brands imitating the approach of smartphones and offering products with ultra-high "screen-to-body ratio", which may bring relief to this trouble, if it does not fall off on its own like the screen of a certain brand of TV.

Dust, water, or insects

The challenges of outdoor applications definitely take into account dust, liquids, summer-specific insects, and more. Ordinary TVs are not designed and manufactured with IP55 or even IP68 as the safety standard, so the safety of the outdoor environment is no longer reliable.
We also recommended to buy professional outdoor TV Enclosure products, such as kinytech OE series, it has IP55 waterproof and dustproof rating, and built-in the automatic cooling fan, so you can watch it even in the daytime arrive.

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