Storage Server Chassis

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Storage Server Chassis

China Cheap Rack mount Storage Server Case manufacturer specializing in design and manufacturing the different size storage server chassis, it is suitable for industrial of storage server cases, caters to oem and odm brand customers. We have provided custom configured servers and computer chassis with the components each customer's requirements and application needs. Our storage server chassis products the long time advance parts replacement warranty.

Kinytech provides the best solutions from 1U to 5U storage server chassis. Easy to use & reliable storage case included and 24/7 us based support. Learn how to easily and cost effectively extend your storage server life.

Storage Server Case

Server chassis manufacturer, hot selling 1U ~ 4U, 36-bay rack mount storage server chassis, super micro optimized storage server solution. Extensive rack storage server solutions provide extremely high storage density while utilizing efficient power supplies, high-capacity hot-swap¬† 2.5″ and 3.5″ hard drives, and cooling redundancy to maximize cost savings.The product line includes 1U, 2U, 3U and 4U sizes, and each server can support up to 8 PCI expansion slots and server boards. In addition to the SAS3 SAS2 controllers embedded on various Intel and AMD motherboards, we also have various 12Gb s and 6Gb s SAS3 SAS2 add-in cards. Storage servers are designed to meet the storage performance, accessibility, scalability, and reliability requirements of today’s large and medium-sized data centers and high-performance new applications. Rack storage enclosures, hot-swap toolless drive trays with a single hot-swap expander, storage server chassis, cloud server chassis, big data server chassis, network server chassis

  • Support 3.5″ hot-plug SATA/SAS drives
  • Support extended ATX (12″x13″)
  • Support 2.5″ hard drive
  • Standard or redundant power supply
  • Hot-swap Cooling fan
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