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 outdoor TV enclosure

The TV enclosures are widely used, it is generally stronger, light weight, waterproof, easy to maintain and replace, suitable for 32-85 inch TV monitor. China's first outdoor TV cabinet manufacturer! Weatherproof and very safe specially designed for European and American markets. Protects and secures most LCD TVs and LED TVs in waterproof outdoor and indoor areas. kinytech is the best outdoor TV for backyard entertainment and the best solution for waterproof outdoor TV enclosures for commercial digital signage.

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outdoor tv enclosure

Industrial LCD TV Enclosures are suitable for indoor and outdoor TV protection, we offer affordable tamper-proof waterproof and dustproof steel TV enclosures custom designed and made in China. LCD TV case effectively protects from touching your LCD LED TV screen, DIY TV case, outdoor TV cover. The outdoor LCD TV shell adopts world-class outdoor spray welding technology, which is anti-breakage, waterproof and dustproof, which is your ideal choice.

The waterproof outdoor TV case protects the TV from various weather conditions, such as rain, snow, etc. However, it also meets the requirements of anti-theft and anti-vandalism. Usually it is made by the cheap ABS plastic, however, there are some high-end positioning, even by Made of aluminum or Iron to increase durability. The advantage of using plastic is that it is very cheap, completed by mold, produced quickly, but it looks very low-end, and then very fragile. Whether it's bad weather, rain, snow, pests, or other threats, outdoor TV enclosures are the best TV protection solution for you to put your TV outdoors and enjoy your free time. In addition, you can also install Android players, Apple and Amazon TV boxes, etc. Inside the outdoor TV box to meet your DIY requirements.

The applications of TV waterproof TV enclosures:
Family applications: outdoor entertainment, decks, swimming pools, bar counters, restaurants, etc.
Commercial facilities: stadiums, hospitals, correctional institutions, airports, trade shows, outdoor displays, ships.
Indoor applications: companies that want to protect TVs or display devices from theft and damage

  • Sizes for 32", 43", 55", 65", 75" and custom
  • Made of strong steel
  • Anti-ultraviolet and anti-rust can be used outdoors
  • Completely weatherproof
  • High transparency window, clear picture
  • Convenient and safe, easy to maintain

Common problems when watching indoor TV from outdoors.
Even in the absence of extreme weather, dust and heat will accumulate in the TV, which will eventually cause damage to the indoor TV, so it is difficult for ordinary TVs to withstand indoor weather. The first thing I face is rain and snow, which is the first problem that needs to be solved. Condensation from outdoor heat and humidity, and moisture will gather everywhere, but electronic products do not like humidity, and then extreme heat and cold, Electronic products are also disliked. Similarly, in severe cold weather, you will want to install some kind of heater to prevent anything from cracking and deteriorating. All our weatherproof TV box is customized according to your TV size, have excellent waterproof and heat dissipation performance, use strong steel and outdoor UV protection, anti-rust treatment spray coating.

Backyard TV protection cabinet, protect your TV, the best solution. Save you money. It is more than 60% cheaper than an outdoor TV, and has longer outside TV protection than outdoor TV. If you want to install an outdoor TV for your terrace or balcony, or install an advertising display on the wall outside the store, you can use an economical protective outdoor TV cabinet. The housing can protect most TVs and digital displays. If you plan to put the TV in a low temperature environment, you can also choose a constant temperature heating system to protect it. If you are willing to DIY, you can also design a waterproof TV case using wood by yourself, and there are many related tutorials online. The weatherproof TV box provides you with a practical, long-term, and cheap outdoor TV solution. The main advantage of using an enclosure is that you don’t have to spend on a new TV, you can use your old TV. You can install a chassis, and then connect the electricity yourself, without the need for technicians, which can reduce costs.

When installing a TV outdoors with outdoor TV stand, what advantages does an outdoor TV box have over a waterproof TV, DIY TV cabinet, and a self-made temporary TV box? If you have already started doing some research and have some understanding of various options. You will find outdoor TV cabinets are very popular because they provide an optimal all-in-one solution, which is cheap, easy to maintain, and easy to upgrade. We like watching TV in the beauty of nature, and our backyard is nature The best shelter. After studying various feasibility, we realized that the TV set is updated too fast, such as his core CPU, the slower the use, and the weatherproof outdoor TV is expensive, and can not protect your media player. Outdoor TV When it is easy to be hit by flying objects in a storm, even if it is destroyed by children's baseball, the maintenance cost is very expensive. And ordinary waterproof TV enclosure do not have special facilities to protect ordinary TVs from moisture, heat and other outdoor threats. The front frame of some outdoor TV case is opaque, blocking the sight of the TV. Before watching TV, they need to be removed, so that the TV may be damaged during the viewing process and the operation is troublesome. The best weatherproof TV cabinet is made of stronger steel or aluminum material, which is easy to damage.

Why should you protect your outdoor TV?
Outdoor TV is becoming more and more popular, you can let children watch movies and play games outdoors, adults can also watch sports games by the swimming pool and enjoy leisure time, the best courtyard TV solution. It is also suitable for bars, restaurants and other outdoor activities. Kinytech's outdoor TV enclosure is weatherproof, light, durable, safe and economical, and cheap. At the same time, he can meet the anti-theft requirements, perfect sealing and ventilation facilities will extend the life of your outdoor TV. Of course,The cheapest is the outdoor TV box, but it is relatively cumbersome to use and does not look elegant. But no matter what, it also means that you can put a TV with the most advanced technology in your courtyard or yard. DIY outdoor TV shell can protect your TV and save your money. Some people use wood to make cabinets, which may be useful , simple, economical, and smart. The problem with this solution is that it is not aesthetically pleasing and has poor sealing. Of course, you can also can make your own outdoor waterproof TV case or buy these to protect your outdoor TV, a big disadvantage is that you can’t lock it, Then it is inconvenient to dissipate heat.

If you plan to buy an idle indoor TV, you should use it as soon as possible, install it outdoors, courtyard, swimming pool, and protect it. Let any valuable electronic equipment be reused, including for commercial advertising, outdoor TV cabinet is the most convenient and complete solution. Contact us to find out how customized outdoor TV case can meet your family or company requirements. Because TVs come in a variety of sizes, the weatherproof TV enclosure must be large enough to accommodate your TV. So Kinytech weatherproof TV cabinet can create a customized solution for you to make it fully meet your requirements. We can also customize the required level of protection according to your local climate. This customized size weatherproof TV cabinet is suitable for providing the best protection for your outdoor TV from moisture, weather, vandalism and theft.

Compare outdoor TV cabinet with the waterproof TV case.
Free Shipping aluminum (No Plastic) outdoor TV enclosure cabinet case is made of a unique material that allows it outdoors while retaining water, wind and humidity. It is the cheap price but only supply the basic protections for TV. This means that due to changes in ambient temperature or humidity, mold and moisture will not accumulate. Take care of your TV and let your waterproof TV cabinet use in winter or summer! The outdoor TV cabinet made by soft waterproof plastic film, but it does not have a cooling system, and it is inconvenient to use. If you use the waterproof TV cabinet, it will be more convenient and beautiful, of course you also need to spend more money. Your TV will not be damaged ideal waterproof TV cabinet that enables your outdoor TV to be protected 365 days a year!

Weatherproof TV box is the ultimate partner to keep your television always new. Explore the market's largest selection of high-quality waterproof TV case. Be ready for the weather by investing in a high quality TV Cainet by kinytech. Outdoor protection waterproof tv enclosure and dust-proof material with free microfiber cloth. dustproof, waterproof, weatherproof outdoor TV cabinet that provides year round protection for your television, comes with a microfiber cloth to help you clean, manufactures premium waterproof TV case in the USA to fit flatscreen TV from 32" up to 75". All weather TV covers and cabinet designed to protect your led, lcd and plasma tvs. Shop the best waterproof TV cabinet here, Protect your TV now!

Outdoor TV Enclosure Manufacturer, Cheap Price & Free Shipping, Online Shop!

outdoor tv enclosure

Weatherproof outdoor TV Stand

At present, there are few weatherproof outdoor TV stand made for the outdoor environment on the market, and they are very expensive, the main problem is that, it has very high requirements on materials, and must pass the outdoor anti-rust, salt spray, anti-ultraviolet treatment.

Prison TV enclosure protection solutions

Prison TV is a type of television designed for use in prisons. It is typically a closed system that only allows access to approved channels and programs. In most cases, prison TVs are in common areas such as day rooms or recreation areas.

TV enclosure solutions: digital menu board for food truck

Digital menu boards are becoming increasingly popular in the restaurant industry. Thanks to their many advantages, including ease of use, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility, digital menu boards offer some benefits over traditional printed menus. If you're considering switching to a digital menu board, keep these tips in mind to ensure a successful transition.

Outdoor Tv Protection While Enjoying Watching It Outdoor

Watching your TV sitting outside is fun. Protecting your TV or LED from sun, dust, water and other weather hazards become necessary when you decide to watch your TV outside. You invest a lot in your LED and you cannot be careless when it comes to protecting it. There are different weather hazard associated when you watch your TV in open outside your room.

Why need the Outdoor TV Enclosure for your home TV?

The Kinytech outdoor TV enclosures are designed and developed for outside areas, used for most kinds of TVs. The indoor TVs like Plasma, HD screens and LCD screens or display, it's ideal for residential and industrial. You can easily put the TV into the enclosure, effortlessly access to the show at once.

Best cheap waterproof outdoor TV covers TOP 10

 We will provide the best waterproof outdoor TV covers to ensure you can do this, watching TV outside is fun in many ways. Where you put it depends entirely on you, but you must make sure it is properly taken care of. More and more people are beginning to have the idea of ​​outdoor TV.

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