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Australian outdoor TV design and engineers are the only TVs built specifically for outdoor in the world. These real, all-weather outdoor band LCD TVs provide excellent brightness while resisting the effects of rain, dirt, insects, extreme temperatures and ultraviolet light.

 Outdoor TV AustraliaAustralian outdoor all-weather TV permanent outdoor installation, high-brightness outdoor TV 32 *, 42 *, 43 *, 50 ", 55", 65-inch full HD, 1080p LED screen, can improve outdoor viewing, direct sunlight, anti-glare protection glass and Removable front bezel for easy on-site maintenance, large side opening cable / media bracket provides easy access to meet a variety of outdoor environments, Australian TV provides 50% to 3 times the brightness, reducing glare and sharp pictures, allowing you to Get a complete viewing experience on sunny days. Safety first indoor TV manufacturers specifically prohibit outdoor use. Installing independently certified safety displays for outdoor use helps protect homeowners from injury and installers from liability. Unlike indoor TVs made for climate control applications, these screens are built to last. They can withstand extreme rain, snow, dust, coastal and humidity conditions, and interference from insects and other animals. They are also used for safe and permanent external installation, and they comply with the greatest safety precautions.

Designed for outdoor viewing of indoor TV, suitable for lower indoor brightness levels, usually with high gloss luminosity, so it can bring a poor outdoor viewing experience. Australian TV professional TV has a high temperature resistant, super bright, professional-grade anti-reflection screen, providing clear images under brighter outdoor lighting conditions. The media bay power port provides power to the media player, no external wires are required, side cable ports are provided to improve access and visibility, high-temperature enhanced solar tolerance technology prevents anisotropic power outages, and the hot-flow air ventilation system keeps the unit cool-dry temperature rise The elastic external protective component is permanently installed outdoors, and the component does not have any durability to this TV. Outdoor safety, waterproof and elastic. The powder-coated aluminum exterior prevents rust and protects internal components from rain, snow, dust, insects, humidity, and salt air. Australian outdoor TV and housing warranty, delivery insurance included in Australia!

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