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Outdoor Tv Covers Australia

Australian tv's weatherproof cover system, the cable connection is very simple. The thick gasket forms a compression seal around the cable, and the media room can accommodate many types of media players and baluns .

The home use TV built-in 5v and 12v power supply, no need to run external power cord for many media players multiple installation options to simplify don't forget the weatherproof mount. Outdoor rated installation options include tilt and articulated, deck pole, ceiling installation, and desktop stand. Extreme temperature function built-in heating and cooling system allows australian tv cover to operate the TV efficiently in extremely low and high temperature environments ability to work in cold weather the exterior is designed to protect the internal components from rain, snow, dust, insects, moisture and salt air, powder-coated anti-rust aluminum shell, with strength and durability

Innovative waterproof cable entry system seals moisture for easy connection, weatherproof and detachable 20w speaker pole, weatherproof remote control, weatherproof control button with optional anti-tamper board, remote lock prevents unauthorized users from changing programming, including weatherproof removable speaker pole, weatherproof remote control, warranty, manual

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