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Outdoor tv display enclosures application. The tv display shield , residential outdoor tv enclosure, universal, light-weight, steel based, waterproof outdoor and indoor tv cabinets for 32-75” tv /displays. Front panel opens, props open, and ecured . The first outdoor tv cabinet! Buy the kinytech the kinytech is a reasonable , weatherproof and secure tv enclosure designed with the buyer market. 

Suit for the almost any standard television, the kinytech paired with an inside tv is that the perfect feature. The lightweight universal design easily opens for an immediate view of your tv,protect and secure most lcd and led tvs in waterproof outdoor and indoor areas. The kinytech is that the best outdoor tv solution for backyard fun.

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outdoor tv enclosure

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Outdoor Tv Protection While Enjoying Watching It Outdoor

Watching your TV sitting outside is fun. Protecting your TV or LED from sun, dust, water and other weather hazards become necessary when you decide to watch your TV outside. You invest a lot in your LED and you cannot be careless when it comes to protecting it. There are different weather hazard associated when you watch your TV in open outside your room.

Why need the Outdoor TV Enclosure for your home TV?

The Kinytech outdoor TV enclosures are designed and developed for outside areas, used for most kinds of TVs. The indoor TVs like Plasma, HD screens and LCD screens or display, it's ideal for residential and industrial. You can easily put the TV into the enclosure, effortlessly access to the show at once.

Diy Outdoor Tv Enclosure Materials

Some customer like the outdoor tv enclosure with black painting, some customer also like the stainless, let's compare the difference between galvanized steel and stainless steel first.
The galvanized steel sheet is coated with a layer of metallic zinc on the surface of the steel sheet to prevent corrosion of the steel sheet surface and its useful life is prolonged, this kind of galvanized steel sheet is called galvanized steel sheet.

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