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Why need the Outdoor TV Enclosure for your home TV?

The Kinytech outdoor TV enclosures are designed and developed for outside areas, used for most kinds of TVs. The indoor TVs like Plasma, HD screens and LCD screens or display, it's ideal for residential and industrial. You can easily put the TV into the enclosure, effortlessly access to the show at once.

 Outdoor TV CabinetIf you have a backyard with a common home TV, then the outdoor TV enclosures can be really helpful to ensure the safety of your TV. If you have a garden, or a outdoor bar, again you need to make full use of these enclosures. well, the outdoor TV enclosure is with security locks so that you do not need to worry about that the TV will be stolen. It stays at your barkyard safely.

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If you want to put a TV in the outdoor pools, the Outdoor TV Enclosures are best suited to protect the TV. As the TV case is waterproof, it is rated at IP 55 (ip65 is avaliable) which provides complete protection for TV from all water / rain directions, no need to not worry about the water will damage the TVs. You can spare the water getting splattered on the TV. This is accomplished by tightly sealing systems and connections in the design, orienting and protecting ventilation. The system protects from corrosion due to rain, humidity, condensation, dew, and the moisture from inside & outside but it is also allow the airflow for cooling and sound out.

So the critical advantage is that you can rescue your TV from the weather condition and the theft. You can keep the TV perform as long as the manufacturers promised. And then, you do not need to keep spending money on the new TVs which is actually costly. With a outdoor TV enclosure, you can stay away from the above worries when you have taken advantage of the outdoor TV enclosure.

The outdoor TV cabinet reduces the difficulty of obtaining the location and the installation cost within the landscape of the city center. You can use the old type TV install to our outdoor tv enclosure and does not need to buy a new outdoor TV that will help you save much money.

The outdoor TV enclosure is impressive lying in the shield and construction. The best is made from light weight steel, an outdoor monitor enclosure that have been proven to be used for 20 years or more outdoor furniture. Not all TV enclosures offer the same level of security, but the best is to provide metal rooms and key locks to prevent theft, tampering and damage to your TV. From bugs digging holes or eating inside electronics to nesting on components, many creatures pose a threat to televisions placed outside. The outdoor tv enclosure installation and technology is very simple,so there is no more after sales problem. For the TV, it is very easy to get the repair service from your local market.

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Here you can find a simple, step-by-step description to build an outdoor TV by outdoor TV cabinet. This waterproof TV cabinet is designed to give the audience the ultimate in viewing with the side door open. Choose from a range of TV cabinet sizes to suit your TV size. All plans are designed with a scale to amplify the volume.Weatherproof TVs don't protect your media player. Outdoor televisions are expensive and limited to the level of technology at the time of production. Ordinary outdoor cabinets do not have the necessary functions to protect regular TVs from damp, hot and cold, and other outdoor threats.


Outdoor TV enclosures, such as outdoor TV cover, allow you to view, protect, weather proof and protect any ready-made TV in almost any environment. This means you can put a STATE-of-the-art TV in your yard or yard. In addition, you can install media players, cable boxes, amplifiers, and more in the same weatherproof TV enclosure as your TV, and connect all of them to Wi-Fi. On the other hand, if you have an outdoor TV and want to add any media equipment, you have to start out and figure out how to protect it outdoors.Why outdoor TV cabinets are better than outdoor TVs.

Creating a relaxing outdoor living space at home, including an outdoor TV, swimming pool, hot tub, outdoor kitchen, lounge and more, is becoming very popular. Bring the room out and buy a weatherproof TV, and anyone can enjoy the outdoors all year round. Of course, electronics and outdoor elements don't mix together. If you want to watch TV outdoors, the two main options for solving this problem are an outdoor TV or an outdoor TV cabinet. The first is an all-in-one weather-resistant TV that can be installed outdoors. Second, the outdoor TV cabinet allows you to watch, protect and protect any TV in any environment for a fraction of the cost. Outdoor use of ceiling bracket installation TVs is common in restaurants in the outdoor terrace area with a covered ceiling. Typically, the TV is mounted in the higher air so that it can be viewed by a large crowd.

We all know that electronics don't mix well in high temperatures, low temperatures, humidity, rain and other weather conditions. So, of course, weather is usually the primary consideration in putting the TV outside. Outdoor TV enclosures are popular because they provide true total protection. They are not only sealed to prevent moisture intrusion and water damage to the TV, but they also offer fan and heater options.Even if the TV is to stay outdoors, it is wise to minimize and avoid external factors, which can extend the life of the TV. Choose an outdoor location for your TV, preferably under a gazebo or terrace, to provide maximum protection. The problem with outdoor television is that exposure to the heat can be avoided by putting it in a place that is not directed into direct sunlight. To enhance the viewing experience, place the outdoor TV screen north so that the sun is behind the TV. Place the TV at least 6 feet away from the fireplace or barbecue.


Simply putting a regular TV outside a regular cabinet (rather than a TV case) doesn't provide this weatherproof feature. And while outdoor TVs can sometimes be insulated from the cold, allowing airflow to reduce humidity, they simply cannot maintain the same cooling and heating levels inside the TV as the outer housing provides. In addition, the outdoor TV enclosure is popular in coastal areas because of its anti-salt water air corrosion resistance.Safe and Wildlife Protection Point sales focused, Our electronic advertising system also shifts the installation process City regulation code is restricted From highway location It will be live video or fast message signature as potential traffic In a downtown area, The digital screen is more focused as a pedestrian as a direct audience. In this way, fewer images are displayed on the screen. I am worried about the traffic entry barriers with other regulations like highway and oncoming traffic.

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