#1 Cheap Outdoor TV enclosure cabinet, DIY custom TV & Projector enclosures designed for indoor & outdoor applications. Global leader in design metal case box manufacturers of steel, stainless steel, sheet metal, and aluminum NEMA waterproof IP65.

TV & Projector Enclosures

 outdoor tv enclosure

Industrial LCD TV enclosures, indoor and outdoor TV enclosures, affordable tamper-water-dust proof steel TV enclosures custom designs and made in china. LCD TV enclosures effective protection‎ ‎ prevent access to your LCD led flat screen, screen protection, custom TV enclosures, outdoor TV covers, outdoor display enclosure. Despite its name suggesting this enclosure is supposed to resist water, this is more of an indoor tv. Outdoor LCD TV enclosures are fabricated with world-class continuous weld joints, tamper, water, and dust proof steel cabinets for LCD tv's that are affordable well built.

Outdoor TV Projector Case

The projector enclosures is designed for the indoor and outdoor video projector protection. Our outdoor projector enclosures has been sold in over 50,000 residential and commercial locations and more than 120 countries worldwide. residential waterproof projector enclosure and cabinet is a patented, universal, weatherproof and secure TV enclosure designed for use with just about any standard projector. ‎Where to buy if you are looking for an projector box cases enclosure to withstand extreme force.

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