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Outdoor Display Enclosure

Outdoor Digital Signage Enclosures

No.1 Cheap China commercial & professional outdoor display enclosures and indoor outdoor digital signage enclosure. In most weather conditions, the outdoor monitor enclosure is protection from condensation, moisture, mildew, heat, cold, dust and grime for the digital signage system and LCD display in outdoor use. Even flying objects swept up in storms are not likely to penetrate the display enclosure’s strong front waterproof case. Each protective outdoor lcd enclosure also provides protection against bug intrusion, a common killer of outdoor digital monitors and TVs. Kinytech offer the cheap price, simple installation design, landscape & vertical & floor standing appearance options, durability, water-resistance and security for LCD display and commercial digital signs.

Outdoor display enclosure features:

  • Waterproof IP65,anti-reflective strong protection front glass.
  • Thermostatically control keeps the display / digital signage for longtime working
  • Double Corrosion Protection: Galvanised & Powder Covered Steel body.
  • Plug & Play design, makes installation very simple.
  • Cable pass-through enables you connect everything to the display/digital signage.
  • Adjustable internal mount system for you easy adjust for LCD display depth.
  • Available for customized the display and monitor appearance & size.
Difference from the TV enclosure and outdoor display enclosure. 
The landscape type TV enclosure and display enclosure are the same models. But the display enclosures have the portrait & Floor standing models. 

The outdoor LCD display enclosure include 3 different types.

  • Landscape type
  • Portrait type
  • Floor standing type

Landscape Outdoor Display Enclosure

Model  Size Height Width Depth Window (WxH) Unit Catalogue
OE-32L 32" 630 895 125 810x405 mm Download
OE-42L 42" 761 1127 125 970x563 mm
OE-50L 50" 890 1310 125 1150x695 mm
OE-55L 55" 950 1420 125 1258x755 mm
OE-65L 65" 1075 1640 125 1480x880 mm
OE-75L 75" 1150 1850 125 1690x974 mm

Portrait Outdoor Display Enclosure

Model  Size Height Width Depth Window (WxH) Unit Catalogue
OE-42P 42" 1150 760 190 970x563 mm Download
OE-50P 50" 1335 850 190 1045x660 mm
OE-55P 55" 1430 930 190 1258x730 mm
OE-65P 65" 1660 1035 190 1470x845 mm

Floor standing Outdoor Display Enclosure

Model  Size Height Width Depth Window (WxH) Unit Catalogue
OE-42F 42" 2000 760 190 970x536 mm Download
OE-55F 55" 2000 980 190 1258x730 mm
OE-65F 65" 2000 1035 190 1470x845 mm

There is no available sizes?  Please contact us for customized.

The outdoor display enclosures are designed for commercial use, with the stronger cooling system than the normal outdoor TV enclosure and you can install the high brightness high temperature LCD displays.

The commercial outdoor digital signage enclosure is ideal for pubs and clubs, digital signage, train and bus stations,leisure clubs eg, golf clubs,swimming pool areas, stadiums wildlife parks,hotels and hospitality, advertising command and control unit. They come in various designs and can be used in a number of different applications. 

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outdoor tv enclosure

If you are looking for an outdoor LCD enclosure to withstand extreme working conditions, Kinytech’s waterproof display enclosure should be one of your best choices. It uses a durable steel city, the front frame uses a custom configuration sealing panel, and the LCD enclosure is Rain/dust. If your TV or display is located in a potentially damaged area higher than your average living room (sports venue, heavy traffic area, hospital, school gym, etc.), you will need to use an armored enclosure. It is waterproof and sealed, suitable for Displays or monitors in areas where there may be a theft problem, such as bars, prisons, universities or entertainment venues. The display enclosure can also be used to prevent contact and damage to the display in indoor or outdoor environments. Protective casing for outdoor displays. The protective shell allows you to perform ordinary advertising displays, digital signage displays, etc. outdoors. If you want to put the monitor outside your backyard, it becomes an economical and convenient solution for an outdoor lcd display.

Outdoor LCD protection enclosure, real long-lasting weather resistance.
This outdoor display enclosure is a perfect four-season solution, with drainage channels and good vents to prevent rain from entering. When the temperature is high, the internal fan starts to ensure that the screen only works at a safe operating temperature. The drainage channel blocks the water outside the shell and away from the TV and monitor. We all know that electronic products do not work well under high temperature, low temperature, humidity, rain and other weather conditions. Outdoor digital signage enclosures are popular because they provide true total protection. Not only are they sealed to prevent moisture intrusion and water damage, but they also provide fan and heater options. Whether it is potential theft or man-made damage, the enclosure provides enhanced protection. No matter what type of liquid crystal display you have, you can use the outdoor waterproof display case for home entertainment or setting up a digital advertising display. The protective shell of the LCD display has a universal VESA mount, which can hang any type of display. The LCD case is completely weatherproof, protecting your display from rain and snow. Intelligent heat dissipation system to prevent overheating or over cooling inside the protection cabinet. We can also customize the LCD enclosure for you to include additional protection, including anti-glare or anti-reflection technology, protection against sunlight overload, UV protection, infrared protection, additional communication interfaces, etc.

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Outdoor digital signage enclosure

The Commercial Outdoor digital signage Enclosure is ideal for Pubs and Clubs, Digital Signage, Train and Bus Stations,Leisure Clubs eg, Golf Clubs,Swimming Pool Areas, StadiumsWildlife Parks,Hotels and Hospitality, AdvertisingCommand and Control Unit. They come in various designs and can be used in a number of different applications. 

Outdoor LCD Enclosure

The outdoor LCD enclosure is designed for for commercial use as outdoor lcd display advertising & outdoor digital signage enclosure, include 3 different types.

  • Landscape type,  available for LCD sizes: 32",42",50",55",65",72". 
  • Portrait type,available for LCD sizes: 42", 50" & 55"  
  • Floor standing type, available for LCD sizes: 42", 47" & 55"

Outdoor lcd display protection enclosure

The outdoor lcd display protection enclosure is mounted sandwiched between the show and any customary store bought VESA TV mount, we have a tendency to conjointly supply Kinytech mounts that we've got designated that area unit of nice price and supply all the options you may wish. What is show digital signs enclosure?

Customized TV / Display Enclosure

Kinytech provide the customized any size outdoor tv enclosure,outdoor display enclosure, outdoor digital signage enclosure with low costs. The customized TV/LCD Enclosure is an attractive design which gives you piece of mind in knowing that your expensive investment is safe. We will design a custom made outdoor tv case to fit your exact TV Size.

Commercial outdoor lcd display enclosures

Kinytech reasonable, durable, secure, out of doors show lcd display enclosures supply protection against water together with rain, pool splashes, sprinklers, wash downs, and more. In most climate, these waterproof TV enclosures and show cupboards supply protection from condensation, moisture, mildew, heat, cold, mud and dirt.

Anti-Glare Anti-reflective display enclosure

All of kinytech outdoor tv enclosure support the customized Anti-Glare / Anti-reflective display front screen, The display enclosure has chosen the best anti-glare glass / polycarbonate possible that has only enough matte to pay the reflection from the front protect however not most to require aloof from the image of your TV or lcd display.

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