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Inexpensive outdoor TV enclosures from china. Kinytech is the world’s leading manufacturer of stainless steel and aluminum waterproof enclosures.

Free shipping to the US and Europe, we offer cheap outdoor TV enclosure. The best solution for your TVs if you’ve ever dreamed of mounting a TV outside weatherproof. Kinytech is one of the oldest (since 2010) brands that supply premium outdoor and indoor enclosures for industrial and commercial use. We have sold thousands of them to our happy customers from 80+ countries.

If you have ever dreamed of mounting your TV outside, then you have come to the right product! These enclosures are weatherproof and proven to provide complete protection from water, dust, rain, and snow. Most importantly, in contrast to the other brands selling ABS plastic TV shield that fail to provide the required protection, Kinytech’s protective shell is made of high-grade aluminum or steel to provide best-in-class security from theft and vandalism.

outdoor tv case

We have 2 types enclosures based on applications

  • With windows type
  • No windows type

Famous for lightweight and compact metal housing that are best suited for residential use.  It deals with the robust protective housing best fit for commercial and industrial use.  Free Shipping, please order online.


$ 388

Size and Compatibility

  1. Available in multiple sizes: 32, 43, 50, 55, 65, and 75 inches
  2. Compatible with TV, LCD Display, and Digital Signage


  1. The sleek design with a small bezel looks attractive.
  2. It equips high-grade aluminum, which is lightweight, robust, and durable. Anti-UV paint avoids damage from direct sunlight (the outer frame is triple powder coated)
  3. Front glass is made of poly carbonate, which offers a glare-free movie-watching experience through a special blend of materials. The front panel is anti-reflective, shatterproof, UV protected, and crack resistant.
  4. Hinges on the front panel let you easily flip up the front glass to easily access the TV.

Level of Protection

  1. The weatherproof design offers protection from rain, snow, dust, moisture, winds, pests, etc.
  2. The Exact Seal Technology uses specialized rubber gaskets to protect the entire system from moisture, dust, and water intrusion.
  3. Cable entries are secured with waterproof rubber grommets.
  4. Internal temperature is maintained between 25-50°C using a thermostat-based temperature control system to avoid potential damage from the cold and hot environment.
  5. If you are worried about theft and vandalism, then use dual independent security lock pins to add your padlock.
  6. IP55 and IP65 certified
  7. A special screening material avoids the intrusion of bugs into the enclosure.

Assembly and Installation

  1. Assembly is a breeze with Kinytech’s easy-to-follow installation guide. It lets you set up quickly within a few hours.
  2. You can mount this enclosure to your wall using a standard VESA mount
  3. Place your TV inside the enclosure with full motion and fully articulating inner mount with height and depth adjustment
Model Size Height Width Depth Window (WxH) Unit
OE-32L 32″ 630 895 125 810×405 mm
OE-42L 42″ 761 1127 125 970×563 mm
OE-50L 50″ 890 1310 125 1150×695 mm
OE-55L 55″ 950 1420 125 1258×755 mm
OE-65L 65″ 1075 1640 125 1480×880 mm
OE-75L 75″ 1150 1850 125 1690×974 mm

With Windows type

Outdoor TV enclosure

With the front windows acrylic or glass and cooling system, very convenient and elegant. Universal design lets everyone use it with any standard-sized TV, LED, and LCD. Due to its high initial cost, buying a dedicated sunbrite TV is not an economical option. It doesn’t provide the necessary protection from theft and vandalism. On the other hand, Kinytech provides complete protection from all environmental and artificial threats that may cause harm.

This enclosure can protect your monitor at restaurants, stadiums, hospitals, educational facilities, theme parks, manufacturing plants, airports, trade shows, ships, and more. Universal design lets everyone use our enclosures with any standard-sized LED, and LCD.

No Windows type

Outdoor TV Cabinet

There is no window and cooling system, it is very light and durable, its service life is 3~5 times that of ordinary plastic TV shield or cover. Due to its high initial cost, buying a dedicated sunbrite TV is not an economical option. It doesn’t provide the necessary protection from theft and vandalism. On the other hand, The protective enclosure provides complete protection from all environmental and artificial threats that may cause harm. It can protect the TV at restaurants, stadiums, hospitals, educational facilities, theme parks, manufacturing plants, airports, trade shows, ships, and more. Universal design lets everyone use it.

It is designed in the USA through in-depth consumer research. It is manufactured in China and directly shipped to customers in order to save the cost to customers. We are popular for offering affordable cabinet with excellent performance. On top of that, we offer free shipping to most American and European countries.

Compare the outdoor TV enclosure and outdoor TV cover.

Most of the outdoor TV cover on the market are made of wood or plastic, but we offer unique aluminum TV enclosure. Although the  TV covers can be waterproof and moisture-proof, but the protection is worse than enclosure, it doesn’t seal your TV and doesn’t offer impact protection. The cover is mostly made of cheap materials vinyl and polyester, which can not compete with metal enclosure, and have a relatively short service life, usually needing to be replaced in a year or two.

We provide free online design services if you are searching for a particular style.

Our design team can also advise on your needs, including the best products to satisfy any individual requirements. It is IP56 protection registered, fits 32″~85″ TV & Monitor. When you have an weatherproof TV enclosure, your family and friends can spend a pleasant evening in the courtyard without lugging a bulky TV from the living room to the outside.

It is getting cheaper and cheaper.

Such as Deertv’s Lite series, which is almost the same price as high-end enclosure, but has many advantages. Which is easy to install, and there are many styles to choose from, so you’re sure to find one Styles that fit your patio garden.

The enclosure allow you to enjoy the outdoors without missing your favorite shows. We manufacture our it from the finest materials with a focus on quality and longevity. They are sure to match your needs with various shapes and sizes.

Allow you to enjoy your entertainment in any weather.

We carry the best enclosures from all major TV brands. There is the largest online selection, and these products are great for all weather conditions, you can use them in both summer and winter. It comes in various styles, including ones mounted on trees, walls, or furniture. They come in a variety of types, shapes, and colors. You can also select from various materials and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Shipping to world wide

Countries to which we offer FREE shipping

United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Japan, Malaysia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway.

Countries that are required to pay a small amount of shipping charges

Australia, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia, Israel, Kuwait, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, United Arab Emirates.

outdoor TV box
outdoor TV case

Custom Designs/Requirements

TVs are available in a variety of sizes. We understand that enclosures should be large enough to accommodate them. Get in touch with us to discuss your family or company requirements. Moreover, we can customize the it as per the level of protection required according to your local climate.

DIY the best inexpensive outdoor TV

 outdoor TV enclosure

It widely used, also it is generally stronger, light weight, waterproof, easy to maintain and replace. However, it is very expensive. Kinytech offer the best cheap solutions for backyard entertainment and will help you save much money.  We are the first protection cabinet manufacturer, protects and secures most TVs.

Affordable tamper-proof waterproof and dust proof steel TV cabinet. It adopts world-class waterproof spray welding technology,which is your ideal choice for DIY it.

Compare DeerTV & TV shield & Storm shell.

It protects the TV from various weather conditions, such as rain, snow, etc. Usually it is made by the cheap ABS plastic, such as TV shield and storm shell. However, there are some high-end positioning, made of aluminum or Iron to increase durability. The advantage of using plastic that it is very cheap, completed by mold, produced quickly.

The applications of TV cabinets:

Family applications: outdoor entertainment, decks, swimming pools, bar counters, restaurants, etc.
Commercial facilities: stadiums, hospitals, correctional institutions, airports, trade shows, ships.
Indoor applications: companies that want to protect display devices from theft and damage

  • Sizes for 32″, 43″, 55″, 65″, 75″ and custom
  • Made of strong steel
  • Anti-ultraviolet and anti-rust
  • Completely weatherproof
  • High transparency window, clear picture
  • Convenient and safe, easy to maintain

Can I put the regular indoor TV outside?

Even in the absence of extreme weather, dust and heat will accumulate in the TV, which will eventually cause damage it, so it is difficult to put outside without any protection. The first thing is the rain and snow. Condensation from heat and humidity, and moisture will gather everywhere, but electronic parts do not like humidity. Second it is extreme heat and cold, it also disliked. Similarly, in severe cold weather, you will want to install some kind of heater to prevent anything from cracking and deteriorating. It is customized according to your TV size, have excellent waterproof and heat dissipation performance, also with the outside UV protection, anti-rust treatment spray coating.

What is the best way to watch TV outside and save money?

The protection TV enclosure is more than 60% cheaper than the outdoor TVs. If you want to install an TV for your garden, or display on the wall outside the store, you can use an economical protective cabinet. Which can protect most TVs & displays. If you plan to put the it in a low temperature environment, you can also choose a constant temperature heating system to protect it. If you are willing to DIY, you can also design a waterproof case using wood by yourself, and there are many related tutorials online. It provides you with a practical, long-term, and cheap solutions. Made by yourself, without the need for technicians, which can reduce costs.

Why should protect your TV outside?

The sunbrite TV is becoming more and more popular, however, you know which is too expensive. The ordinary home TV do not have special facilities to protect ordinary it from moisture, heat and other outdoor threats. The best solution is choosing a cheap TV enclosure, which weatherproof, light, durable, safe and economical. At the same time, it can meet the anti-theft requirements, perfect sealing and ventilation facilities. Of course, the cheapest solutions is the plastic outdoor TV cover, but it is relatively cumbersome to use and does not look elegant.

Why the ABS Or Plastic TV shell is not the best solution for outdoors?

The first is the service life, the plastic TV shell generally only lasts 3-5 years, although you save some money the first time. But if you use the average lifespan, you spend more.

Then, the plastic TV shield appears cheap and not as beautiful as the metal type, such as small bezel.

Again, it is inconvenient to use and very troublesome to install. The front frame of plastic storm shell is opaque, blocking the sight of the TV. Before watching TV, they need to be removed, so that the TV may be damaged during the viewing process and the operation is troublesome.

Unlike others who use ABS plastic storm shell, DeerTV uses triple powder-coated lightweight aluminum and steel to ensure the best-in-class security of your device. The expected lifespan is 3 to 5 times longer than the plastic box.

What Protects Best – An Outdoor TV Cover Or TV cabinet?

If you have already started doing some research and have some understanding of various options. You will find outdoor TV cabinet are very popular because they provide an optimal all-in-one solution, which is also cheap, easy to maintain, and easy to upgrade.  Of course, a TV cover is also a good option, especially if the initial budget is limited.

How to protect the TV in outdoors and save your money?

Some people use wood to make cabinets, which may be useful , simple, economical, and smart. The problem with this solution is that it is not aesthetically pleasing and has poor sealing, but it can save much money. Of course, you can also choose the deertv products to protect your TV, a big disadvantage is that you can’t lock it, then it is inconvenient to dissipate heat.

How to choose TV for outdoor use?

If you plan to buy the indoor TV, you should use it as soon as possible, install it courtyard, swimming pool, and protect it. So the brightness is very important, we do recommend the brightness >500nits, also has the large power speaker. (>10W).   Let any valuable electronic equipment be reused and waterproof, the best solution also need a waterproof TV box, which is the most convenient and complete solution and meet your family requirements.

Where to buy the custom make waterproof TV box?

Because TVs come in a variety of sizes, the box must be large enough to accommodate it. So we can create a customized solution for you to make it fully meet your requirements. It will provide the best protection for your TV from moisture, weather, vandalism and theft. Structurally, any custom size is possible, but we want not only a stylish appearance, but also a higher degree of safety. Therefore, in addition to advanced and reliable technology, you also get smart and modern design with us.

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