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Outdoor TV Enclosure

 outdoor TV enclosure

Free Shipping Cheap Outdoor TV enclosure to the USA and Europe. The best solution for your TVs if you've ever dreamed of mounting a TV outside weatherproof. Kinytech is one of the oldest (since 2010) brands that supply premium outdoor and indoor TV enclosures for industrial and commercial use. We have sold thousands of protective enclosures to our happy customers from 80+ countries.

If you have ever dreamed of mounting your TV outdoors, then you have come to the right product!Our outdoor TV enclosures are weatherproof and proven to provide complete protection from water, dust, rain, and snow. Most importantly, in contrast to the other brands selling plastic enclosures that fail to provide the required protection, Kinytech’s protective enclosures are made of high-grade aluminum or steel to provide best-in-class security from theft and vandalism. Due to its high initial cost, buying a dedicated outdoor TV is not an economical option. It doesn’t provide the necessary protection from theft and vandalism. On the other hand, Kinytech protective enclosure for TVs provides complete protection from all environmental and artificial threats that may cause harm to your precious TV

This enclosure can protect your TV or display at restaurants, stadiums, hospitals, educational facilities, theme parks, manufacturing plants, airports, trade shows, ships, and more. Universal design lets everyone use our enclosures with any standard-sized TV, LED, and LCD.

Kinytech protective enclosures are designed in the USA through in-depth consumer research. Our enclosures are manufactured in China and directly shipped to customers in order to save the cost to customers. We are popular for offering affordable outdoor TV cabinet with excellent performance. On top of that, we offer FREE shipping to most American and European countries.

Kinytech Outdoor TV enclosure is IP55 & IP65 certified to offer ultimate protection against rainwater.

Model Size Height Width Depth Window (WxH) Unit
OE-32L 32" 630 895 125 810x405 mm
OE-42L 42" 761 1127 125 970x563 mm
OE-50L 50" 890 1310 125 1150x695 mm
OE-55L 55" 950 1420 125 1258x755 mm
OE-65L 65" 1075 1640 125 1480x880 mm
OE-75L 75" 1150 1850 125 1690x974 mm

Outdoor TV Enclosure Features

Size and Compatibility

  1. Available in multiple sizes: 32, 43, 50, 55, 65, and 75 inches
  2. Compatible with TV, LCD Display, and Digital Signage


  1. The sleek design with a small bezel looks attractive.
  2. It equips high-grade aluminum, which is lightweight, robust, and durable. Anti-UV paint avoids damage from direct sunlight (the outer frame is triple powder coated)
  3. Front glass is made of polycarbonate, which offers a glare-free movie-watching experience through a special blend of materials. The front panel is anti-reflective, shatterproof, UV protected, and crack resistant.
  4. Hinges on the front panel let you easily flip up the front glass to easily access the TV.

Level of Protection

  1. The weatherproof design offers protection from rain, snow, dust, moisture, winds, pests, etc.
  2. The ExactSeal Technology uses specialized rubber gaskets to protect the entire system from moisture, dust, and water intrusion.
  3. Cable entries are secured with waterproof rubber grommets.
  4. Internal temperature is maintained between 25-50°C using a thermostat-based temperature control system to avoid potential damage from the cold and hot environment.
  5. If you are worried about theft and vandalism, then use dual independent security lock pins to add your padlock.
  6. IP55 and IP65 certified
  7. A special screening material avoids the intrusion of bugs into the enclosure.

Assembly and Installation

  1. Assembly is a breeze with Kinytech’s easy-to-follow installation guide. It lets you set up your outdoor TV quickly within a few hours.
  2. You can mount this enclosure to your wall using a standard VESA mount
  3. Place your TV inside the enclosure with full motion and fully articulating inner mount with height and depth adjustment

 outdoor TV enclosure

Uses / Applications


– Backyard, Courtyard, Decks, Patios, Swimming pool


– Airports, Stadiums, Restaurants, Hospitals, Educational Facilities, Government Facilities, Correctional institutions, Trade Shows, Ships


– Warehouses, Manufacturing plants, Offices

Optional Upgrades

– IP65 certified design

– Heaters (for people using their TV in a low-temperature environment)

Shop two types of outdoor TV enclosures based on applications

  1. DeerTV – This brand is famous for lightweight and compact enclosures that are best suited for residential use. Free Shipping, please order online.
  2. Kinytech – It deals with the robust protective enclosures best fit for commercial and industrial use. Please download the datasheet then contact us. Datasheet

Custom Designs/Requirements

TVs are available in a variety of sizes. We understand that enclosures or cabinets should be large enough to accommodate them. Get in touch with us to discuss your family or company requirements. Moreover, we can customize the enclosure as per the level of protection required according to your local climate.


Countries to which we offer FREE shipping

United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Japan, Malaysia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Taiwan.

Countries that are required to pay a small amount of shipping charges

Australia, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia, Israel, Kuwait, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, United Arab Emirates.


African, South American and most Asian customers do not support online purchases. Please get in touch with us first before you place an order because the shipping cost is different for various locations.

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outdoor tv enclosure

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