Kinytech is world’s largest manufacturer of protective enclosures, server chassis and racks.

TV Enclosures
Designed and Developed for outdoor areas, supports faster to install and easy maintain than any TV enclosures.
Projector Enclosure
Diy projector enclosure, build the weatherproof projector enclosure easy.
Rackmount Chassis
Cheap Rackmount Server Case are available in a comprehensive range from 1U to 4U rackmount type.
Storage Server Chassis
industrial of storage server cases, caters to oem and odm brand customers with the best solutions from 1U to 5U storage server chassis.

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Outdoor TV enclosure FAQs

Outdoor TV enclosures allow you to enjoy your entertainment in any weather. From flat and curved screens, we carry the best outdoor products from all major brands. We have the largest online selection, and these enclosures...

Compare the DeerTV, The TV shield, Apollo TV and storm shell

From the above datasheet, it is clearly show the DeerTV enclosure is much better as the TV shield enclosures. Brand DeerTV Kinytech TV shield / Storm shell Apollo Steel Construction,Strong enough Yes Yes No.It is plastic Yes Strong safety glass front screen Yes Yes No.It is acrylic Yes Optically anti-reflective safety glass No Yes No No Double...